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  1. I think you have the right idea (atleast, from the way I see it - too). The higher quality you go, the less it makes a noticable difference - I guess it just depends how picky you are. Some people I know hate downloading mp3s that are less than 128-160kbs; but I could go down to 56 or even 8 for some things... you just gotta use your imagination for the rest - lol.
  2. It's interesting watching the ideas that everyone is trying to do with their music in Reason; and the kind of answers people are giving out. I've played around the program for maybe 4 or 5 days since I had it (bought it in September - mainly because I wanted an alternative to Fruityloops, and so I can have a glimpse of how one of my friends makes alot of his music)... and it's quite the cool tool; no doubt. I don't have any questions yet (since most of things I want to learn on my own for now; and I'm not familiar with the 'language' people use here for most musical terms anyways), but if I ever want any help with something - I'll be sure to come back here and post my questions to see what you veterans have to say; even if I'm just looking for a second opinion about how something should be organized. Good luck with all your Reason adventures guys. Peace!
  3. I just came back to this place to see if Mazedude was pulling any new tricks up his sleeve (now that I have dial-up internet, heheh)... and damn, DAMN!!! This song is so f@*%in' cool -- OMG! What a great example of artist depth and talent we have here. Gotta love the way this song unfolds and progresses; introducing new instruments like there's no tomorrow. If you love complicating, layered patterns that will have you digging for secrets with your musical mind for hours... this is DEFINATELY Wh3R3 1T 15 @ y0! And WTF is up with that off-beat wind-up rattlesnake percussion and bullfrog bass? LOL... I love it! This song totally reminds me 'Driver Down' by Trent Reznor (but twice as cool!). Is that the bass from level 6 I see kicking in at 2:42? Oh, HELLLO mister treble from level 29 at 1:10 -- nice of you to join us! And how many times do we have to mutate that intro theme throughout the song before people will figure it's the first verse from level 25? haha. Of course Mazedude's not going to throw in Level 9 again since he already made and entire remix of th... woah, good morning 3:12! Looks like I'm too stupid to figure out where anything else came from --- so I'll leave that to your musical eardrums to explore. FREAKIN' AWESOME song Chris dude! So how many thousands of hours did it take you to get all squash all that immense quantity into that little mp3?!? Damn! This kicks @$$! You RULE Man!!! - Chris