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  1. Sorry to revive such an old thread, but I'm wondering, is there a way to easily extract FM instrument definitions like in the above example, but for non-Genesis games? Specifically, I'm wondering about Gradius III. It uses a YM2151 chip for FM sounds. I've tried viewing the register values using Hoot, but it's getting a too complicated for me (individual registers seem to control multiple parameters?).
  2. Two requests: Good overdrive/distortion guitars. I'm having trouble finding ones that sound right. Second, some big, 80's-ish sounding electric toms. Preferrably Soundfont (SF2) format. Thanks!
  3. It's kinda the only choice if no one else has done a MIDI of the song, and there's no sheet music or anything available, though.
  4. Ah, if that Roland Brass Section Soundfont is the one I'm thinking of, it is indeed a good one. It took me a while to find a decent-sounding Brass Section. I have two requests: First, can anyone recommend a good Orchestra Hit Soundfont? Preferrably one that sounds natural (i.e., like an actual orchestra, not the more filtered/artificial ones)? Second, Saxophones. All of the Soundfont ones I've found suck... real bad. Any recommendations? Oh, and as an aside, I highly recommend Extreme Sample Converter to anyone who works with Soundfonts. Lets you easily preview each instrument in all of your Soundfonts, and you can even export individual instruments as their own SF2 files, or export individual samples as WAVs. It works with lots of other sample formats, too.
  5. Sweet! I do a bit of remixing and arranging, but probably not at a high enough level to be worth including for this project. Maybe I'll try my hand at Akuma's theme and we'll see if it comes out as anything more than pure garbage... I suppose you can count me in as interested. Regardless, I love Street Fighter 2's music, and will definitely be interested in hearing how this turns out! Good luck.
  6. Great remix, I love it! Pure Mario insanity. However, I tried to download the "WTF Mix" from the link posted earlier, and it said that rthe file doesn't exist. Can someone re-upload it so that I can download it? I'd really like to listen to it.