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  1. This one was very relaxing like everyone before me said. Infact it was so relaxing that I almost fell asleep. So this is definately not one you would want to play in the car while you are driving late at night. Anyway, it was very well done. Good job.
  2. I really liked this mix. Has a solid beat and doesn't get boring. I can put this one on my repeat for quite a while and not get sick of it. Anyway good work for yout first post at Overclocked. Keep up the good work.
  3. I thought this mix was VERY good. There is a really good beat, and a professional sound to it. Everything seems to be done perfect. I love piano in techno stuff so HECK YEAH. I got the long high quality version and I have to say I could just listen to it all day. Anyway keep up the good work.
  4. This remix was VERY SWEET. I was working and just listening to the song while working, and after about 30 minutes I realized it was on repeat and just this song was in the playlist. So it kept my enjoyment for 30 minutes without it getting bored at all and I am still listening to it. Fantastic mix you guys.
  5. Very nice mix, VERY SOOTHING. I don't have anything bad to say about it. Just the right length and doesn't get repetitious. Thanks for the very nice mix.
  6. Very nice jazz mix. It's upbeat which makes it really nice to nod your head to. Does get a little repetitive but still a very nice mix. Thanks for the mix. Jesse K.
  7. All I have to say is "Ahhhhhhhh".... This mix was one of the most peaceful mixes I have heard. The Piano was beautiful and the strings were wonderful. Very nice soothing Re-mix, it almost put me to sleep. Thanks for the remix Jesse K.
  8. Very good remix, loved the guitar how it is very distinguished, the piano flows really well. What can I say, it's a little short but other than that I can't find anything wrong with it. Thanks,
  9. Well I was just wondering, why can't you post them DJ Crono? Just a thought Thanks
  10. Well I liked the intruments, and the beat, BUT I don't think the RAP worked with that song. But hey I don't usually listen to Rap so what can I say. Even though I didn't love the Rap I still keep playing it. But I really digged the beat and instruments once again. Thanks,
  11. I think this is a pretty sweet song. It never gets boring, and you just bob your head to it. Also I like it how it transitions into new patterns. Just a really good song all together.
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