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  1. I hate rap and hip-hop. Even given that, I love this mix. Really, top notch quality all around here. What a fresh take on the overdone Icecap theme!
  2. Omg omg omg omg this song is so freakin hilarious! I can't stop listening!
  3. Wow, more good stuff from Klutz. I have a soft spot for piano arrangements, and this really hits the spot. Not long or drawn out, it's to the point and flows quite nicely. I give it a 7/10.
  4. Mmmm....Trigun and Tull. On a Chrono Trigger song. *thinks for a while...* Good stuff, pretz. Continue the good work in your new home!
  5. Ahhh, Analoq comes through again with another badass Sonic remix. I must say, Analoq, I'm becoming more and more of a fan of yours with each new mix.
  6. Ahhh...good stuff. I loved this song in the game, and I was ecstatic when this remix was posted. Nice interpretation, I love the sax
  7. Wow! Great, great song. Robo's character has always had a sort of "warmth" and emotion that robots usually lack, and this song portrays it perfectly. Incredibly catchy, and, uhh...stuff.
  8. Oh, and whoever asked the question about the lyrics...it's a good question. To me it sounds like, "...and when you're feeling all down, the fairy will come around, so you'll be brave, and somethingsomething (it sounds like "not as easy") coward!". The last couple words sound pretty ****ed up. Edit: I just found that Flash animation, which I've never seen before, and those words I didn't know were "not a sissy coward".
  9. Oi, are you stupid or something? It has already been stated in just about EVERY post in this topic, not to mention the song page, that SYSTEM OF A DOWN DID NOT DO THIS SONG. Some people just don't know how to read, I guess.
  10. Wow...incredible mix. Props to AmIEvil for making this bluesy/jazzy/whatever-the-hell-it-is remix that just won't leave my head!
  11. Pretty good, but some of the brass sounds a little...squeaky. Erm, what I mean is, TOO squeaky. That gets on my nerves a bit. But otherwise, great samples used. I tend to like the song a lot more towards the beginning, when there's less going on and more emphasis on the melody.
  12. The song is great, but it left me hungering for a full-on electric guitar Frog remix. I want just Frog!
  13. this song is definitely one of pretzel's greatest. awesome take on the marble zone music.
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