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  1. This is kinda wierd, this was my least favorite tune from DooM II, I found it slow and depressing, but this mix is probably my fave D2 remix, whils another remix of my leas fave from doom 1 is my fave remix of that! wierd, eh? Enehwah, this kicks much, ass, I do not see how people cannot like it. of course what yo want to do, is get something like doom legacy, so you can disable the midis, then play this stuff in the BG! Hoohah! By the way, Mazedude, if you are listing to my humble words, what do you use to make these remixes?
  2. This was absolutly excellent. The origional was a quite boring loop which had plimky bits and onle long droning bass that just went up and down. a bit like the start of this except worse. Peeples has transformed it into an excellent tune that I would gladly buy if I had to. The origional was probably the worst piece of music in doom, but this is one of my favorite doom remixes, and i hope the music in doom three is half as good as this. Good work, Scott, You have just improved the quality of my life.
  3. I liked this remix, does that make me strange? According to the other reviews, it doesn't. You have failed, Mazedude. Your crappy experiment turned into a decent tune. You can never make bad tunes, Never! Bwahahaha!
  4. This is quite possibly the best remix i've heard on here to date, i registered just to review it. If you havn't heard it, then you havn't heard it, and there is nothing i can do about that, except this: listen to this.
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