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  1. Though I didnt't find the sounds used annoying, I must admit that they might not be the best of quality. However, this is very well compensated by the style, groove, and feeling in the track. Especially the piano solo and the piano sound are really good, and the modified melodies straight after the intro were great. I really can't complain about the sounds, because: 1. They weren't bad at all. (Especially for a 1996 computer) Just not perfect 2. Everything else in the piece makes up for it. A bit of repeating myself there, but I had to make it clearer for some strange reason. Anyway, though not a total jackpot, this piece is very entertaining at the least, and much more at it's best parts. Thanks.
  2. This track is just too sweet. I never really payed much attention to this theme in the game (which, by the way, is fantastic) but after this remix, I'm sure I will. The trumpet sound is just fantastic, fake or not. The piano is also nearly perfect. And the best of all, the rhythm of the trumpet: It just gives the track a very laid-back, cool and easy feeling, and that feeling remains in the track from the start to the end. Fantastic.
  3. Against almost everyone else, I think this ReMix is excellent. The lead instrument doesn't hurt my ears at all, for whatever reason, and the other sounds are really cool too. Especially the synths/pads playing the chords are really warm and really cool at the same time. The percussion is also very well arranged, and everything is crowned by the funny, great ending. An excellent (and different!) job, Mazedude! Keep it up!
  4. This piece is absolutely fantastic. The melodies are beautiful, especially the edited Zelda's Lullaby one, and everything else seems to fall right into place, perfectly. I don't know what other adjectives to use than beautiful, fantastic and touching. And Beautiful.
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