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  1. Great job, it really gives it all that it could have been. Although my only criticism (which was my own fault) is that it's a bit faster than when I wrote it, (might have been a PAL/NTSC issue) Anyways, loved the speech, really gave it that "instant remedy" kinda feel. Barry
  2. Howdy, I didnt compose this piece, but I arranged it for the SNES version of TG, I was never that keen on the original piece which was transcribed from the amiga version of lotus 1 maybe... , I notice your mix changes half way through, I cant remember if my original piece does that or not, if it did it was because I was sick of that original piece Good work Barry
  3. I liked it I did a remix of this for the Immortal 2 cd, I liked what you did with the chords, and I like how the bass isnt so busy. Keep up the good work Barry
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