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  1. Exactly like when I hear it in-game, my eyes teared up when "His Theme" happened. I have only just played the game as of last week, and I already put it among FF7 and Chrono Trigger as one of my favorite RPGs of all time. The soundtrack is a large portion of why I form that opinion, as is with the other games.
  2. While I can't stand that song by Protest the Hero in the DLC pack, it is an incredibly fun chart to play.
  3. Oooh, a Guitar Hero thread! This is my kind of deal right here, and I am VERY eagerly awaiting part III. I play and love GH1, GH2, and GH80's, although I'm horrible at GH1 because of the crappy hammeron-pulloff system. I even bought a 360 just for the 360 version of GH2, although thanks to DLC, and other good 360 games, I don't regret that at all. I should also plug www.scorehero.com, if you all don't already know about it, as it kicks the ass of the official forums, and GameFAQs forums. It also is a score tracking/ranking site. If anyone cares at all, http://www.scorehero.com/scores.php?user=7219&game=3&diff=4 are my scores for 360 GH2. My 80's scores are there too, but I don't play that as much, as well as the PS2 GH2, but I haven't played that since April 3rd.
  4. This is probably going to be the best FPS since Unreal/Half-Life. The demo stoked me up, and I'll probably be picking up a copy on Tuesday if it's available. The atmosphere and story alone are worthy of a purchase, but the combat is amazing. Plasmids are tons of fun, and hacking the machines to fight for you is awesome. Also, the Big Daddy fights look like tons of fun.
  5. I'm so happy I don't have to roll on another server now to play Alliance! I've been on the same server since last december (right about when Maraudon came out), and I've been in the same guild since last April. Kil'Jeaden FTW! And now, I can play the only class I haven't really gotten a chance to play, on my server, and on my prefered faction!
  6. HAH!!! Kil'Jaeden doesn't have huge queues!!!! We just get a 30 minute retrieving character list followed up by a 20 minute load screen. If anyone cares about Kil'Jaeden I play Horde side and my main is Googliopi, a 60 Shaman. I have a bazillion alts as well. Blehgopie - 60 Rogue Jodaximo - 22 Mage Undeadable - 24 Priest Maximinimal - 42 Warlock Warzwarmon - 15 Warrior (quit due to wanting a Blood Elf Warrior) Huntrafico - 14 Hunter (randomly active due to hunters = boring) Sellables - 1 Shaman (ZOMG AH ALT ZGOMZGMO) I'm in the guild Tide of Darkness, and have been in the guild since last March. The website is www.todguild.com. We are a raiding guild, and we have MC on ezmode, as well as Onyxia. We are just starting BWL.
  7. It is not the water temple theme....it is the Serenade of Water... And it is a very good remix of it too, the Serenade was one of the best ocarina songs in the game, and this remix does it very well.
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