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  1. Hey, looking to get a fresh start here. Could I get my name changed to "MahBoiiii". Many thanks
  2. Yes, If Phoenix Wright isnt in the game, I will cry and go strangle sakurai.
  3. I dont think the updates will be any different. However I think after E3, next week, all the revealed info for brawl will be posted on the site.
  4. I see it more as a Flat Zone x2-3 with an added hole in the stage every so often. I like it. It seems to have solved the problem with flat zone; not the concept, having no edges at the end of the screen, but the fact that the level was so small.
  5. I'm sorry but I had to pull this up. Kirby's Cook move was one of the funniest moves in the kirby series. I can just picture the effect of him grabbing the ball, putting the chef hat on, then clanking his spatula and tongs together while each other character jumps into the pot against their will. And I do agree, the move will probably heal a little bit of kirby's health. However I do also hope that his final smash will have some randomness to it so that he could get many different options (e.g. the mike moves).
  6. Meh an average update. Best thing about this one was Bowser's new appearance. Pretty sweet. O well, they cant all be great.
  7. OBJECTION! I believe that Dynablade would be another possibility. But given that Golden Sun is very obscure and not very well known, even though it is a kick ass game, I don't think they will have any playable Golden Sun characters. NPC however MIGHT be a possibility. And yes, Phoenix Wright would be FTW.
  8. Oh boy! more pokeball items! Ya this is a pretty lame, considering it seems like they do the same thing as pokeballs do. Oh well. Nice change of pace from the usual pokemon. Will make for interesting high item battles.
  9. Yes. I really hope that Brawl has a new style of play; granted, it shouldn't stray too far from the basics of the game, like double jumping, edge grabbing, and smashing. Adding/Removing certain aspects of the game (such as shielding?) will give the game a whole new style of game play. If you want a game that plays just like melee, then just go fucking play melee! I'm personally looking forward to learning a new style of play, along with having lots of fun with all the old/new characters.
  10. I'm 100% sure that Teching will be in Brawl and that is what it looks like. This is because teching isn't an unintended manuver, unlike wavedashing which was never intentionally put into the game. Teching was knowingly programed into the game and was intended by the creators to get used. It is suprising how there hasn't been any evidence of shields in Brawl. I thought that shields were a staple in the game's dynamics. But hey the programmers can do whatever the hell they want, and it looks like they are creating a whole new way of playing the game (which is good!).
  11. I feel that we will get quite a bit of information from E3 this year. I think that sometime this next week Sakurai will be posting a whole lot of goodies and shit that we can process and discuss, all of which will be shown at E3. Needless to say, I'm excited for this coming week, and will be watching G4 every day.
  12. Fuck Yeah! Go Wario! I guess his bike move is gonna be something like Yoshi's egg roll was, only it looks like maybe if you fall off, other players can get on(?). And the Flatulance move looks killer. It also seems like it could be an extra recovery move for wario.
  13. Oh right. I'm sure it will still be a fun way of playing the game, no doubt. I'm talking about for serious tounament play where every advantage you can get over your opponent, you take it.
  14. Yes it's possible, but based on the other Wii games I've played, it's very unlikely.
  15. Yes I agree. Everyone who is playing in tounament play will most likely be using controler. However, some gamers may like the classic Controler layout better (I think it sucks, just like the PS2 Controler)
  16. ya, I was real intrigued by the ability to use all of the Wii compatable controlers. Sounds good to know that you can have your settings saved to your name, so you dont have to set it up each time you play.
  17. So on a different side of things, what character that you have seen being played in the trailers looks like he/she will end up being fairly high tier? My personal feel is that Sir Metaknight will be a character to watch out for. It seems like he's got a good amount of speed along with some sword attacks that seem to be fairly damaging. That on top of the fact that he can fly makes him look very appealing. I also think that Fox will again be a tough competetor. He seems to have kept all his speed but may be a little bit weaker as to balance him a bit more. The one character that I was not very impressed with is Zero-Suit Samus. She seems slow and dosen't look like she has that great of recovery. I don't think she will be a very good character; I'm still thinking that Samus/Zero-Suit will be something like Zelda/Shiek, that way Zero-Suit's downsides don't seem as extreme.
  18. Yes! Awesome track. As a lover of vg music, I was a bit concerned with the music already released so far. But as long as they have more great tracks like this, I'll be happy. (Koji Kondo is a musical GENIUS!) On the topic of how long it will take to reveal all the game information, I feel that come E3 this July, we will be getting a lot more information about the game to talk about.
  19. Now I heard somewhere (most likely a rumor) that capt. falcon will not appear in Brawl. I heard that his spot in Brawl was taken by Snake when they got the rights to use Snake. I've heard a lot more evidence to back this up, but I still personally think and hope he will be in the game.
  20. I personally am thinking that Zelda is not going to get a alternate persona. I think that Nintendo is sticking with the latest versions of their characters and since Shiek was not in Twilight Princess, I feel that it would be out of place to have Zelda designed as she was in Twilight Princess, to be transforming into an out-of-place Shiek with her looks updated. I however think that SSBB's duel character will be Samus. I think that she will be able to de-suit herself if you will, and take on a more agile and melee focused form, as opposed to her ranged and quite sluggish suited form. You even see a fully suited samus in the trailer lose her suit and become "Zero-Suit Samus." I think that is a preview to how samus might play in SSBB.
  21. awesome concept here. Always wanted to look at some of the music for this stuff. But I just tried to open Chrono Trigger "600 A.D. in Piano" and got a not found page. This was true for all of the pages for that tune. Just wanted to inform you so it could be fixed.
  22. sweetness. havent had a clan in forever. I'm gamer tag NeO SaX I usually play in short periods of time. I'll usually play only one game for about 1 month, and then switch to another one of my games and do the same with that one. Right now i'm on guild wars. Next is halo again. Sorry if that sounds retarded but I tell it like it is .
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