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  1. Having listened to Project Chaos... Oh god yes.
  2. Of all the songs (which I can hear, the torrent doesn't have fixed tracks) the only one that was "meh" was the death egg mix. I liked the Ice Cap one, but both Ice Cap and Death Egg weren't recognizable to me. Everything not mentioned in the above was unmitigated awesome. A special shout out to the lyrics in Knuckleduster for having a particular quality which I require in nearly all lyrics I listen to, which is the quality of having incomprehensible words. I'm very particular about this - if merely the sentences are incomprehensible, it's annoying, but if I can't tell what the words are, it's just another instrument.
  3. So I suppose I'm alone in feeling that Vigilante's lyrics were too creepy to listen to more than once? And that it would be completely unreasonable of me to so much as hope for a voiceless version of that mix? Other than the lyrical song, I concur with the effusive praise above, and likely with that which is to follow.
  4. I hear much of what made spacepony's On a Crystal Star (see if you can find it on the WIP boards) so great, including the samples, which seem to be more refined here than there. But I digress. The general feel is soothing, which isn't much more than what DJpre .. Actually, it's quite a bit less than what DJPretzel told you. But it's true.
  5. This is Jivemaster's masterpiece. I have never heard anyone do so much with percussion alone, though I may be defining "percussion" a bit widely. Taking my perhaps broad accounting of the word, the actual synth tune is something of an icing upon the cake that is the sequence of percussion ... thingies ... through which this mix moves.
  6. Whoa. It wasn't until the third or fourth listen that I recognized the Bowser Battle theme. That said, the Bowser fight music in SMRPG is ripped straight out of SMB3. Since SMB3 is the pior game, I imagine it deserves credit. The mix itself is par excellance. Whatever the hell that means.
  7. I also followed this mix on the works in progress forum, up until the alleged final draft was posted along with a call out for names. I have already noticed several details present in the posted mix that are missing from the last version posted to the WIP forum, all of which add welcome detail to an already worthy piece. This mix is a must - listen to anyone not attatched to specific musical styles, and even recommended to those who are.
  8. Maybe she just met the etecoons? After the first listen, I seriously considered deleting this mix from my HD. That would have been a mistake. Further listening has shown that, far from being "companion-peices" ATWIOG & OGIATW ought to be kept as far away from each other as possible, otherwise the second one you listen to will sound wrong.
  9. I'm afraid I can't say I particularly like this piece. It sounds like One Girl In All The World distorted to be something it's not. Just like society distorted me to the point where I see the (I hope) completely unintentional sexual imagery in the new title.
  10. Err... "mutually EXclusive" means that two things don't go together, which is exactly the opposite of what you're trying to say. I really like the inclusion of certain obscure details in the source material (especially one particular detail from metropolis zone - I have no idea what it's called though) but I sure didn't expect to see the metropolis zone and hydrocity together. The mix doesn't do a good job of connection them either - just a good job of sounding good.
  11. Before I start ranting and raving, I just want to make clear that I like this mix. It's neat, the fact that he managed to make real clock sounds into percussion is neat, and the quotes are neat, and all of it fits with the music. However, in the ENTIRE 6 and a half minutes of the song, you left out the best part of the song, indeed the best part of the entire CT soundtrack. In fact, it's the best part of human musical achievement! Six and a half minutes of the song and you left THAT out! AAAAAARRRRGGHGHHBLBLHBHLBERGBLE!! I've been searching, through MIDIs, and this site, for YEARS to find a remix that does the end of chrono's theme justice, and I was sure this would have been it, if you had included it at ALL. It seems the original rgm is still the best rendition out there (yes, I've heard the chrono cross theme with the neato violin thing and all. I still like the CT version better.)
  12. Well, I thought it sounded a lot like the lava reef zone, but I didn't realize you actually used notes from it. Ice Cap is my favorite sonic the hedgehog zone music ever, and I really like those sonic tunes (Vastly underappreciated outside OC, all you ever seem to hear about is square or zelda) One thing I've noticed is that many people don't seem to realize that Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (including S&K) has different (but similar) music for each act of a zone. Sonics 1 and 2, meanwhile, use the same music for every act of a zone. 3d blast used completely different themes with similar MIDI samples for different acts. However, I've seen no indication that anyone else notices this. I also like one of the puppet panic acts, which was reused in Sonic Advanture in twinkle park. The other act's tune got a remix at this site, which I was very exited about. Rather disapointing when it wasn't what I was expecting, but good enough to keep.
  13. Diablo, from Diablo II. I hate that goddamned lightning hose!! God DAMNED I say! Also, any MSLE unique you ever see. If you are hit by one of the charged bolt clusters, you DIE. Max lit resist will not save you! What, you ask, triggers these charged bolt clusters? EVERY TIME YOU HIT THE DAMN THING! ARGARGARGARGAERAIEIOEAIOIUOUOIUAA! The enemies in that game are sooo biased towards lit damage, it's not even funny. That may change in 1.10, though. Surprised everyone's focusing on console games. PCs have games too!
  14. ... SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!! This website is the ultimate arguement against athiesm. How else could such a site exist? I've always felt I was onto something most people in america weren't, in realizing how good game music is, but before this site, I thought I was the only guy on earth who realized how much sonic music rocks. I swear, elsewhere it's ALL square RPGs. .... But I digress something awfull. It woulda taken some doing to distort my favorite sonic tune into something bad, and all of that doing has been put into making the song better.
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