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  1. This is a bad song to wake up to at 2 in the morning in a fever-induced hallucination. My computer decided it wanted me to have a heart attack or something.
  2. Oh, awesome! I love both of these songs, the samples don't bother me so much, and neither do the drums. What does bother me is the flat low note (i don't know what instrument that is, i'm not going to guess) at :38. It's painful. Very painful. Like nails against a chalkboard painful. Or packing styrofoam against more packing styrofoam painful. It doesn't hit too often, so it's alright... but damn, shouldn't this have been spotted? Or is this the "not too noticeable" off-note? Whatever it is, it just takes a lot away from this otherwise wonderful song. But you know what? It made it on here, past , past the judges, and past a lot of fans... must be my ears or something Anyway, this mix shows a ton of skill, (skill can be measured in tons, now) work, and is an awesome arrangement of some great Sonic tunes. And for that, Edit: Foam is now spelled "fome". Pass it on.
  3. First thought: Woo! Another Sonic mix! Second thought: NOOO!!! Another Icecap Zone mix Second thought (and a half): Damn, I hate 56k... Third thought: Hey, this is pretty cool... these are awesome drums! That flute is absolutely amazing! Actually, I didn't even notice the quality of the bass sample until I started reading djp's review... Those first 15 seconds sounded like they came straight from a Sonic game (none in specific) or could be put into one for the bgm. I guess that's why I don't mind it, because it sounds very Sonic.
  4. Hey, I like it! I went through 1-4, then repeated them with emphasis, and figured I was in for a ride. I was ready to cringe, too... Regardless, you did a great job with this, and managed to turn a song I can't stand into a song I enjoy. Imagine that.