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  1. Pity that step file (posted above) is for Heavy difficulty only (I'd even hazard it's CHALLENGE difficulty)... I can only do about 6, sometimes 7 step dances, which mostly rests in the Standard difficulty level. Sometimes I think that stepfile makers forget that people still exist who aren't gods at the game yet... I suppose sincee I'm complaining, I should go and make my own steps for standard and light mode... foo. Hope I can manage something...
  2. DJP wasn't kidding when he said not to expect a tender and gentle piano peice this time. This is harsh and brazen, and some of the dissonances really set me off balance. At the same time, it's driving and powerful, and sweeps you along for a wild ride, whether you're ready to hit the bumps or not. This isn't the sort of piano I usually like, but this is darn good piano regardless, and there is no denying that. Is this a live recorded piano, by the way? If sampled, these are some amazing samples. I'd love to hear this played live some day. This feels like the sort of peice that would be even more awesome if you were sitting in a large concert hall and feeling the vibrations of those driving notes through your seat and through the floor... Well done.
  3. This has been a regular on my playlist since it was originally posted in the WIP forum, and I have been actively watching the "Judges Decisions" forum for this song ever since, probably more eagerly than SGX himself! And then I've heard his 2nd DDR mix that I can only assume he has also submitted... I will be eagerly awaiting that as well. It's only fair for me to say that when he was originally posting this as a work in progress, I had a few issues with his rapping at one or two points, and those issues are still in effect. The beginning few lines have some "flow" issues, where the words aren't driving enough... there are stuttering hesitations that I wish could have been smoothed out a bit. But besides that... this is great. Way to go SGX, looking forewards to seeing "A" on OCR too! Here's to your continued success in all that you attempt to accomplish!
  4. I'm going to say, I -love- the 2nd part of this mix. The first part... I could entirely do without, quite frankly. But the author realizes that, I see, and has already stated it before me, so that's fine. The 2nd part does in fact rock my socks with that wonderful oboe though. Nice stuff there. It's a good omen when your original work outshines the stupid stuff.
  5. I really like the beginning of this one. My personal tastes are such that I'm not fond of drums except in very specific situations. So whenever the drums pop in, I kinda sigh and wish they'd go away. Then they do go away for a spell, and return once more later on. If only they'd stay away! But yeah... I'm big on the anti-drum thing. I'm of the opinion that the instruments themselves usually provide enough punctuation to provide a beat, and often do a much better job of it than drums do. I'll give this mix an 8.9/10 for the half of this mix without drums, and a 7.9/10 for the half with drums, for an 8.4 overall. But take my review with a grain of salt, being heavily biased as it is.
  6. This is beautiful stuff... while I've heard better trumpet playing from people who make a living off the trumpet (and not on the street corner) this sounds quite nice. And it's been a while since I've heard this theme... I love it! FF6 had really great music, and so many tracks... OCR has lots of FF6, but still hasn't covered nearly all the tracks yet. So many to go... and all worthy of mixing. The organ solo is definitely worth the effort I can tell you put into it. It rocks. ROCKS man. And back to the trumpets afterwards... some of your better playing right there! Oooh, this is nice. The balancing is perfect, the actual mixing went well... a worthy submission, I say. Worthy indeed.
  7. Personally, I could have done without the techno... the "three minute intro" sounded like a beautiful song to me, and I loved it. I did like the subtle transition though... the thudding in the background, which the more orchestral style instruments were still playing sounded REALLY good. I'd rather have heard more development in this area, really... But for all my preferences, I can't deny that this is well done in all aspects, techno and all. Very good, very well done. I thought the volume was fine in general, though I can also hear the "muffled through a pillow" bit too. For the beginning and ending, this is perfect, and fits the song very well... but for the techno, one tends to expect a little more sharpness to the sound. Given that, as I mentioned, I'd rather do without techno entirely, the softness of it doesn't bother me one whit. Keep up the good work! Well done.
  8. Oh come on... the guitar in this is GREAT. Someone else might be better, but all I can think of, while listening to this is... I like listening to this. I have to kindof bob my entire body to the beat while listening to it. The guitar WORKS. I love it. I would have loved to hear more, honestly... I think I agree with pretzel on that issue, but for what this offers, I enjoy it. I enjoy it a lot.
  9. First thing I thought when listening to the opening of this... "AWSOME! I LOVE IT!" The drums in particular sound amazing. Second thing I thought when listening to the opening of this... "That horn sounds fake." Unfortunatly, it is really noticible. When the above reviewers said some of the samples were weak, it's true. Some of them are... that one horn in the beginning specifically. In my opinion, most of the other samples hold their own quite well though, but that one sample just spoiled the opening for me. The arrangment, the sheet music so to speak, is lovely, beautiful, stirring, wonderful. And this mix is as well, throughout. If the one single half-arsed sample I heard was near the end, or in the middle instead of at the beginning... well, you know what they say about first impressions. Once I heard the first not-so-perfect sample, I started PAYING ATTENTION TO THE SAMPLES... which is something you want to avoid. The transitions were perfect, by the way, in my opinion. And this is quite a rousing peice, and I'm VERY glad it was accepted at OCR, and I'm keeping it, and I will likely listen to it quite a bit. Just... ooh, I wish there had been a better horn sample at the beginning. Just at the beginning, really. ... Oops, I was typing this while listening for the first time, and it just ended. Argh! Even though it's six minutes long, it's still too short! I think I know why too, although you have perfect transitions (well, perfect from where I'm standing, YMMV) this peice is really just a collection of songs from BoF strung together. You didn't develop any individual theme very much... each theme was really rather short! I heard themes I definitely recognized, not so much from the game (which I played YEARS ago) but from other mixes on this site... consider 'Epitaph of Alan And Cerl'... DarkCecil took just one of the themes you explored (and let me say, for the short amount you touched this theme, you did it just as well as he did) and yet managed to pull it out for a full three minutes, not the minute twenty seconds (3:38-4:58) you had. All and all, great stuff. I have to keep interspersing my critisms with comments that I love this mix... because I do. The only complaints I can muster (though I mustered them verbosly indeed) is the one sample I didn't like, and the lack of extra development for each individual theme. I hope to hear lots more from you on OC here! I like what I hear. I like what I hear indeed.
  10. Excuse me? Would you clarify that statement? Annoying lines from an 80s song?
  11. This is Jazz. This is perfect jazz. I mean, I prefer a more exciting jazz myself, usually, but no one can deny that this is an exemplary example of perfect jazz. I love it...
  12. This is frankly beautiful, and anyone who says differently is wrong. I don't care if it's an opinion or not, they are wrong. Not that anyone has made that claim here, but I'm just getting that little fact out of the way before I continue. On a technical level, I think this is about equivelent, or maybe a little more complex than his "Tale in Piano" for FFIV. However, I think that the source material for this peice is more emotional and powerful than Tale in Lute (which Tale in Piano was based off of) which gives a direct advantage to this peice. As far as comparing this to "Town Life in Piano", another chrono trigger work, this is worlds away in terms of quality. Quite frankly... I found Town Life to be a little... bland. Dull. Technically high quality, but without much soul. This has soul. This has PLENTY of soul. If I were to have a complaint about it, that complaint would be that it's only three minutes long. I mean, other piano works (not by klutz) have been eight minutes long! This could have been extended that far, and I'll bet still maintained the beauty, but... heck. How can I complain? This is three minutes of bliss! I congratulate you man. This is awesome work. Good job.
  13. I can hear Tull, Trigun, and a lot of Chrono Cross's style in this. This could fit RIGHT into the Cross soundtrack for a town somewhere. This is not a disparagement of any sort, since I -love- Cross's music with a passion. It's great! Sounds wonderful! Might have been better on live instruments, but then, what wouldn't be? I likey! I likey!
  14. While I can see why a perfectionist would have a few tiny insignificant problems with this peice (something felt ever so slightly choppy at the beginning, but not much) it's really very beautiful. I love piano mixes, and somehow, megaman translates so powerfully into piano. Cutman sonata, yes, but there was also Good Night Lil' Man too, don't forget. Both sound so wonderful, and this does as well. Man... it's late at night, I should be going to bed as I type now, and listening to this song is not helping me keep my eyes open so I can type. This is so great! Okay, now typing with eyes closed.... so soothing... touch typing is great.... Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......
  15. Very cool.... the whispered voices really added a lot to this. Very creepy. And this peice contains what a lot of ambient peices lack... coherance, where every peice contributes to a larger whole in a very effective manner. I haven't played all the way though FF7 yet, and it's been a few years since I've even touched it, so I can't remember exactly when this plays in the game, yet I still remember this theme. Was it played in a town or something? It sounds like an empty, lonely village kind of theme... I like this a lot.
  16. No! It ended! More! More! More! I love this... for as much as it offers. It could really do with some lengthening... some more development, maybe some variations... it's so pretty!
  17. At 1:25ish, there's one instrument in the background that I winced to hear. It's very quiet fortunatly, but it was the only thing in this peice I didn't like. The intro thrilled me, I'm not sure it could have been done much better than that. The ending was just as good, and transitioned well. I'm not sure what djpretzel's problem with the transitions was... I loved those, personally. This is great work! Around 2:40 when the Aria de Mezzo Carate comes in, that's brilliant stuff... and the arpeggios in the background work so well with everything! Wonderful stuff. Good work!
  18. I'm not a personal fan of the lounge style muffled jazz style, but I can certainly tell when it's done very well, and this was. The were a few spots where the volume a few of the instruments could have been tweaked better, but I'm just going to chaulk that up to recording difficulties. Probably not one I'm going to listen to on a daily basis, but that's just because I'm not a fan of the style. For the style, this is great stuff.
  19. I pulled up OC Remix, and when I saw the opening screen for Tyrian, my heart skipped a beat, and I shivered with excitement. I love this game. I love the MUSIC from that game, and in fact, in years gone by, I would pull up the options screen, pick a track, and watch the patterns with the nifty star screen, listening to the midi-quality music. The melodies are that good. Years after having played it, I would still hum themes like "Take me back to Savara" and such. Recently, I've even tracked it down again, and played it through once more. Yep-- still rocks my world. Awsome shooter. Truely. Now that I've talked about my thoughts on the game, and the original music (this peice is NOT based on "Take me back to Savara".. I can't quite remember which peice it is based off of. After I write this review, I'll go and check, then report back) I should talk about this particlar rendition. Piano solos rock my world. I love them dearly, and this is no exception. It begins with a nice slow intro, and takes its time getting to the actual melody, which is fine with me. It sets the mood perfectly, and the somber deep notes at the left hand of the piano work very very well with the middle and higher notes. At around 1:11 we get one of the first regrettable fumbles. I'm sorry to point it out, but amongst the beauty surrounding it, it stands out like a sore thumb. He doesn't let that get to him though, and continues admirably onwards until 1:29, where one note is out of key. Oh no! But the peice moves on, back to it's lovely wonderful stuff. Fortunatly, there are no more mistakes that I can hear throughout the rest of the song. It pauses shortly, changes tempo and changes key at around 1:46. I like this new sound as well, differing from the original score as it does. And the pauses and gaps here are not mistakes... they add so much to the drama and depth of the peice. There's even a nice dissonance at one point to emphasize a phrase. The trills that follow later work very very well. What I like even more though is the end. The song slows down, but as it gets closer and closer to the final note, longer and longer gaps show up in the melody progress... so while the tempo stays pretty constant near the end (although slower than earlier) it FEELS like a gradual ritardando. Brilliant good work. The two mistakes early in the peice still make me wince slightly when I hear them, but I don't think that's enough to turn me away from listening to this song a few more times. A few dozen more times. And beyond that too. Personal Rating: B+
  20. I loved a Boy and his Blob! It was a great fun game, once you wrote down a list of what bean did what... I've never gotten all the treasure... like the chest at the bottom of the lake surrounded by spikes that pop your bubble and so you die... but I have beaten the game a couple of times. The music in the game is quite frankly forgettable. I saw a Boy and His Blob in the list and my thought was "Cool! From that great game! What was the music again... ummmmm..." but this, this my friends... this is not forgettable. This is a work of art. This is a masterpeice. This is wonderful. Taking trash and turning it into something oh so much more... the whole is better than the sum of its myriad of parts. Congratulations on a wonderful work of art sir.
  21. This is one of my favorite CT tracks, and it isn't even in the game. I'm really loving this, even though it does contain drums, and I've made it evident in other reviews that I'm not a drum fan, in general. Maybe I'm comming to like drums. Or maybe it just says something that the drums fit into this mix very well, if a drum-disliker likes them. Or can tolerate them, at least. Problem: It's too short. I want more! By the way, the beginning of this track is NOT the same as the original. There's a humming in the background that wasn't quite in the original, seeing as how the SNES didn't have the capability to produce that kind of sound. It sounds like some young girls humming, behind the other instruments, which were, admittably, quite close to the original. But all the same, quite lovely, really. A small change, but enough for me to enjoy.
  22. Where exactly in the game is this song located? I want to say the Animal Sanctuary... but I also seem to associate it with some other places, like that canyon you rescue Leim from (before you talk to Leim and get that happy march music)... I'm not certain. And I've played the game through three times! That's the only thing that's really been bugging me. I -should- know the source of this music... but I can't quite place it...
  23. Oh... my... goodness... I can't pass up reviewing this song. It's just so awsome it's awsome! It's awsome it's awsome it's awsome! But can I just say it's awsome and leave it at that? NO! This is more awsome than can withstand just saying awsome and doing something else! I have to go through this mix section by section and declare each part the awe inspiring work of art that it is! Yay!! We begin with an awsome high-pitched string pull, and then some horns filling in color. And then an awsome flute track comes in... And then WOW!!! The horns find the actual melody for a few measures! It's grand, it's dramatic... I feel like I'm sitting at the Myerhoff Symphony Orchestra listening to some really cool music... and then there's a dramatic pause, and and and IT'S AWSOME! After the pause, a nice string section comes in with a bit of classical filler... leading back into another part of the melody! And a bassoon or other low wind instrument takes up a bassline that is actually the mellody for this part, but he doesn't just leave this instrument to solo... no, no indeed. He throws all kinds of sparkly strings on top of it! Yay! And then the clarinets pick up! And after they go through their bit, horns and strings go together to give you an EPIC GRAND AWSOME bit again, followed by the HORNS giving you the filler! And then there's some lower horns.... and then a double-bass or chello to give a dark brooding section that I don't remember from the game but certainly fits into this awsome peice! And then there are some angelic harp strums... oooh.... and clarinets to play over them, with flutes added in as well... very haunting, very mysterious, very heavenly! And bells... oh my... so wonderful... And then the strings pick up again to fill in the wall of sound for a lovely calm ending to an amazing awsome peice! I congratulate you! I love it! I love it! I love it!!! This review has been brought to you by the letters: A, E, M, O, S, and W.
  24. Homo, that's exactly what I was talking about! There's an odd sound about them, but I think that's GOOD. Hearing real violins would be neat though, I will look foreward to hearing an updated version if one ever gets made. I had forgotten that the Abyss was underwater... I was getting it confused with that deep cavern thing where the most powerful equipment can be found (optional) at the very end of the game. But either way, there is a DEFINATE sense of decent involved. I suppose the piano solo at the end would be entering the building, and standing in awe, gazing at the thing we had been searching for in the first place?
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