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  1. i dunno if anyones said this (i dont have time to actulaly go read thru all 64 pages that would take too long (almost as long as it took me to beat up that Sigma from Megaman X!!) after almost 1 month of dedicated time playing it i beat him after hmmmmmm over 150 tries? sure the dogs a cinch so is the "Luke I'm your father" lightsaber mode but i mean after Sigmas head is wrapped into that war machine thats where i die at i mean even when im maxed out on upgrades and with all 4 full sub tanks i could barely take him down to 1 half of his hp the main thing is that the music kinda jinxes you for a second i mean first its all calm then it gets hypped up a little when your fighting the dog and a bit more when your fighting Sigma with a lightsaber but then once the war machine BOOM AAHHHHHHHHHHHHH lol has anyone actually developped a good strategy against him? if you have please tell
  2. my uncle first got me Mario Bros. 3 and i LOVED IT!!! I played the game since i was around 6 to around 15 still, this game never gets boring!! I must say the same for this piece! good work
  3. this is a must have in my opinion i have luved this game always, so this song is just a song to have even if you haven't played the game
  4. its all good i like it from the bass, piano, techno overall is good i just liked the theme from when i played this game (I still do) and i like the way he made it dance style. even included underground music, then return to the main theme excellent job.
  5. Sigma from Megaman X is just a total loser i eventually beat the hell outta him after i saw the pattern of the man, the dog, and the kick ass robo machine thingy damn those eletrical shocks basically killed you in one shot also, touch the claws and you are pretty much dead the Dog is simple, you jump around on the sides, charging up your blaster, then when you get to red, you jump down, wait for doggy, then let loose Sigma regular form was also ez, wielding only a bludgeoning weapon: a lightsaber??, he can only jump at you trying to kill you with just a swing i find that if you maintain your position near the upper right or left corner of the wall, you can wait for him to scale the walls, and then jump back down, then you let loose when your waiting ive eventually beaten the robo mech sigma after i used up all 4 of my sub tanks, most of my weapons, and left around 5 bars of health if anyone has beaten this guy, plz discuss strat
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