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  1. Very nice remix. At around 0:17, the tune reminded me of the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES.
  2. Man this song makes it sound more alive with the DFX plugin for Winamp.
  3. Hey that voice sample is from that movie Berry Gordy's The Last Dragon. Cool! I loved that movie and so this remix ROX!
  4. YES, THIS IS THE TYPE OF REMIX I WAS WAITING FOR . It's one of my favorite MM songs on this site. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK DAN !
  5. Well i would give 5 STARS ***** . EXCELLENT REMIX BY AE. YOU RULE!!!!
  6. Man, if there was a remake of this game for the GAME CUBE, THIS WOULD BE THE PERFECT REMIX of the stage, NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!
  7. Well i definitely liked the Zero the Ultimate Warrior remix. BTW, I LIKE BOTH MEGAMAN AND ZERO! It would've been cool if megaman had a saber just like ZERO, NOW THAT WOULD SERIOUSLY ROCK . Also, the link that DJ Terra was awesome. I really like the part 2 remix of This song. REALLY HOT .
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