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  1. Nothing exciting: at the same time, not bad, not bad at all.
  2. I love FFVII's complex sound. I love piano arrangements. I love 7 minutes of godliness. I love this ReMix. Thank you, sir, for giving me 7 more minutes with which to torture my roommate's farther. Rock (softly) on.
  3. You need to get laid. I'm using this song as my Philosophy of Music discussion piece. It's deep on so many levels, and since most people in the class have never heard of Final Fantasy VI (and definately not Terra's Theme) it should be cool. I think I'ma gonna compare it to the piano version just to show the way that a single melody can stay the same and yet change so much.
  4. Why on earth did you mention KoRn when talking about Terra In Black? I mean, seriously. You just said A sounds like B and C sounds like D so TiB is like Winger and I like writing with black ink and the time 8:37 scares the living piss out of me. Basically. If I compared every orchestral ReMix to Bach, I'd be foolish. By the way, if you grew up listening to 80s music, you'd know that TiB sounds absolutely nothing like it.
  5. Took me two or seven times listening all the way through to respect it, honestly. I didn't think it had the same obvious aesthetic feel as did Terra In Black - the first time. Now I wanna see someone make a video with this playing.
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