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  1. I have been turned into a full-fledged fan ever since Robot Museum came and took a part of my soul. Your work is always so smooth and seamless. Really wonderful stuff to get lost in. I can listen many, many, times, and always hear a new little bit of the music I never noticed before. Thanks!
  2. It's hard for me to choose, but this is my favourite mix off of the album. You really do justice to the style you chose to mix with. You've just made a new fan!
  3. Megaman music is a long standing love of mine. It's funny....this isn't a style of music that I listen to very often, but I can't deny the excellence of the arrangements! I put this album on my mp3 player right away. It's gotten me through quite a few rough hours of homework. I can't stop listening to this!! Esp. love Air shooter, Power stone, and Slash claw. It was bugging me for a bit as to why some of Slash claw sounded so familiar to me for different reasons....and then I discovered that the beginning is taken from Quick Man's level! Ah, recycled megaman music....I guess the long-suffering composers couldn't be expected to come up with something new for every level!
  4. Oh gosh, I've been a member for what seems an eternity, and yet I've only ever posted twice! I just re-downloaded this album...can't believe it was released this long ago already.... Ah, I'm swimming in a sea of wonder again. Can't say enough about this amazing album, except: Thanks for making my day.
  5. Even though i couldn't really understand a lot of the lyrics, the quality of the vocals and the music itself were awesome. Megaman rocks my world!
  6. this remix is totally hot. i know that CT has been done many times, but i think this remix is something very different and fresh. it makes me feel nostalgic...