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  1. Easily one of my most favorites on this entire project set. The only caveat I have... is that I didn't want it to end so shortly. But it was great. Thumbs up.
  2. [Name: The Crossroads (Cid's Theme)] [Project: Final Fantasy 7 - Voices of the Lifestream] Disclaimer: If you thoroughly enjoyed this particular piece, this review will probably not be for you. But that's okay, no one has to like everything. --------------------- Allright, I've been quiet for awhile just simply enjoying the time and effort people have put into different musical tracks with a wide variety of tastes and concepts, but I have to say that with this latest release as part of a Final Fantasy 7 project... I'm not impressed. While I thoroughly enjoy some interpretations of musical the
  3. Just as a side note: This isn't the boss music from the original Contra game. This is from the pseudo-first-person-perspective stages from the same game. The boss music is -similar-, but not quite the same. How do I know this? Heheh, oh come on, don't you remember those stupid squares you had to shatter before you could get at the 'eye' beneath and then blow that up so you could continue? If you've played the game y'all know what I mean, and how could you miss that WONDERFUL music? (I used to crank it as loud as I could during just those missions for pure intense 'fps' action, lol) As far as
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