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  1. holy manticles y'all this is the bizness foo. GET THIS: I WAS PLAYING TEH CHRONRO CORSS last nite and i though YOU waht could be bettar then this musik? YOU WAHT IS... g3t this: it's bettar than teh CHROSHAN RHCORS!! HAHAHAHA! ok ya'll i was feeling up th mastercreature last night anda he told e to get this song that's why i rilly downloaded tit
  2. Wow this stuff mae me burst my nibblets. Do you have nibblets? Thye're like rabbits but sexier. HAAH! jus kidding azide, gess wha? 'dis mix RuLex0rs da house foo-child! Why? 'cuz it's the bizniss bizniatch! w00trortrios! HAHAHAHA! guess what i was looking through this girl i knos house wind0w and i saw stuff man. that made me tingk of dis song foo!
  3. shee jigga this thing is so fine i got it on my mind yos! i bent my beastwhistle listening to this fine piece of magical audio bliss. man this thing will tear off your head and reverse it, leaving ou with a hole in your head! c'mon foos! let's get it on wit my beastwhistle yo... becasue it has fur surrounding it. illusion of gaia is sw33t g@me yo and anybody who no like it sux0rs mwahahaha
  4. What is going on peeps? THis sis off the hook yo. Everyody knows that Zelda is the man and this remix rules the knuckas yo. One tim i was listening to this song and i freakin' creamifed my manties yo. this was some crazy off da hook shiznit. listen to it pwease!
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