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  1. haha, thanks again as always :) hope yours was better then mine.

  2. Thank you for the birthday wishes :)

  3. Once again, here we are one year later...happy birthday sir.

  4. Hey look, another Orange County native on OCR. Rad.

  5. Same to you, Happy Birthday sir.

  6. no no, not at USC; in orange county...i actually think it's gonna be in the crystal cathedral aboretum.

  7. Yeah sure will do, we have a show with the USC choir in early April, and it should be pretty local too.

  8. I'm performing at your school tonight at 8pm if you're interested.

  9. Why have i never known you were from Orange County too?

  10. thanks BGC, the scary thing is i'm at danger for tetanus at this very moment x.x stepped on a nail the other day. ironic?

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