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  1. WOW nice song! I totally agree with the main message that was posted on the download screen, it does keep you in a good mood and your spirits high...especially at the end of the song. as you may notice, my screenname consists of the word, 'techno'. I am a techno FREAK, ok? But...this disco mix, why it kicks butt and is not even a techno song. I reccomend this to you, and if you want the whole delightful effect to kick in, listen to the whole song. awesome job, NoppZ! I give you an A+
  2. I loved this remix. I do remember the specific music of the game-I thought it was a sweet tune...but he's changed it into something much more different, and it sounds great-got a catchy beat on my subwoofer speaker. That's great though, I never thought anyone liked the bob's pizza music but me. (p.s. wasn't the shenmue game awesome?)
  3. Dude I liked this...you know why? It sounds exactly like the level music in the port of Adia. I have played this game before, obviously. I have also beaten it, it was hard, but i won...but anyways..my fav part about this remix is how the remixer of this song recognized both of the level's parts...so like the last minute of this is the end of the level when you're outside...the beginning is like when you're in the port of adia in the game. Cool remix, dude!
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