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  1. Clearly there's a nerve on subject of vocals. I was not attempting to be racist (please), and for the most part I actually like the vocal tracks. That doesn't mean we can't think about them critically. You've got to keep in mind that I am not criticizing you personally; rather I am just looking at the track itself. I'm not saying you can't do them; you can do whatever you want. They just didn't work for me as a listener. It was a risky choice creatively and sometimes people react differently to risky choices. My reaction was "WTF?" I just couldn't get into the lyrics. Maybe someone else lik
  2. I did know this, I guess I was just using "level clear jingle" as shorthand. I was just trying to intimate that I knew what you were going for. It's a nice easter egg for those that have beaten the game; but I'm not sure how you could make it less abrupt. On the subject of vocal mixes, I'm personally not opposed to them... so long as they're good. The vocals have to work, though. The only track that I listen to consistently from the FFIV album, Eminence Grise, is a vocal track. It's also, strangely, my least favorite song on the original FFIV soundtrack. OA and DragonAvenger really put toge
  3. Good to know. As a gigantic Floyd fan, I approve. We need more of this stuff. edit: Also, I loved Roller Disco. It does have an ending, it has the level clear jingle right there.
  4. I can't be the only person getting a Pink Floyd vibe from Beneath the Canopy, right? Some Breathe/Shine On stuff going on there in the intro. Good work.
  5. To be honest, I've listened to this mix several times, and I'm not sure why people say 1:53-1:58 is "wrong." It's the same sequence, and although the key is different, the rest of the song is in the same key at the same time, and there is no dissonance to make it sound bad. In fact, it sounded like it changed key all the way back at 1:32, then changed to the original key after 1:58. There is nothing wrong with this, since the transitions are done well and the phrase just sounds like it was transposed slightly upwards for playing on a different part of the neck. It's part of the character of t
  6. That's probably because the original version of this song was almost a remix of FBTS. The Metallica/Maiden-ish comments are close, but that's because Yngwie influenced those bands in style and subject material. One of the greatest guitarists of all time, I'm sure he'd have rubbed off on a few guys. /me runs away after random comment
  7. Another awesome area 01 remix from BC. This and Gux's remixes are the only Area 01s that really capture the essence of the song, the war mentality. The rest get too techno for my taste, and this one treads the line pretty well. By the way, when will anyone do Area 08?
  8. BUT IT BURNS X_X My ears expect one dropped note and it just isn't there (but that's because I've listened to Gangplank Galleon a bazillion times and have "expectations"). Heh, it's cool. It's still probably my favorite track on the whole disc. The one missing note isn't as bad as what Uematsu's half-assed orchestra did in the version of the Prologue in Melodies of Life (go to 6:50 and see what I mean... now THAT'S an error that makes me scream out wondering if there is a God).
  9. There's playing ragtime and then there's stumbling over the keys or dragging (again, I only nit this one particular instance past one second, it's only one missed note, really, the rest is done superbly).
  10. Just want to say that I'm generally satisfied with the output of the collection. Unknown did a remix of my favorite track (Cranky's theme) so very well. My only nit to pick would be the piano work in the first half of the Gangplank Galleon theme. The part at slightly past one second really bugged me - sounded like there were supposed to be notes and the piano player just durn forgot to play them. After that, it's pure genius. Great work fellows.
  11. First time reviewer, longtime lurker and listener. Protricity's done it again with another great DKC2 tune, and one of my personal favorites. First, before I get to lavishing the praise, I'd like to make a small criticism - the clipping in some of the low-end instruments really, really detracts from the tune. It may have been done on purpose, and I'm sure it's not me (it's even there with a flat EQ on a great system), as well as being able to reproduce this amongst other systems. It just reduces the quality of the song - I love blaring remixes in my car, and this song made my fairly decent au
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