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  1. I love this song! The music is great, and the lyrics and delivery of them are incredible!
  2. Does anyone have the album art jpegs? The links to download them are dead. Sorry to dig up this old thread. I would have PMed Digital Coma, but he's not listed as a member anymore. Thanks
  3. Does anyone have a good version of the sheet music for Nayru's Love? I can't find a free program that can make it from the midi easily, but I have to admit I'm not familiar with that stuff.
  4. I hate to be so critical since I have no creative talent myself, but it really irritates me that the lyrics are in Japanese even though that is not native to the performer. It's as if it's supposed to be cooler just because it's in Japanese. I think the lyrics are actually quite lame, but being sung in Japanese is supposed to make it sound amazing and deep somehow. Essentially, there doesn't seem to be a good justifiable reason to sing it in Japanese, making it more like a gimmick in my opinion. Disregarding the lyrics and their tranlsation, I like the singing and the way it works with the or
  5. This great remix floods my mind with images from a very memorable game. I don't really have the understanding to appreciate all of the work or talent that goes into making remixes like this or others, but thanks for doing justice to a beautiful game.
  6. try spelling ridiculous again. ~weed Good thing that we're getting down to the crux of the issue.
  7. I'm glad to see that there are a few people who felt like me about this song. The composition is good, and the lyrics are okay, but the delivery sounded rediculous to me, and I thought the use of "nigga" was rediculous. It's not that I'm offended by it or anything; I listen to a lot of rap. It just seemed really stupid in the way that they used it here. It's as if they thought it would be really funny or something. I can't beleive so many people liked this so much. The more I hear it, the dumber the vocals sound, and the lyrics are starting to sound more rediculous too. This is a mockery or p
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