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  1. darn it. i was really hoping to travel back in time to prevent the borg from assimilating earth too. oh well, there's always going back to steal stuff.
  2. would you have to answer your phone every time the colonel calls you? or maybe when you die, he'll call you and say: snake? snake?! snaaaaaaaaaaaake!!!!!
  3. my biggest gripe is that they put in maria and alucard but left out richter. and while i don't particularly like the character design, i don't think its overly atrocious either. oh yeah, and i've also heard that its not good at the "being a good game" department also. but still, no richter makes me sad. i heard that there's something unlockable between ecclesia and judgment and vice versa. anybody bother to check that out?
  4. i agree. the mountains of crap that get released on the wii doesn't help either. it just drowns out the few gems the wii really has. unfortunately, there's so many non-gamers who buy wii's just for wii sports that nintendo probably doesn't care enough to really hunker down and design some killer apps anymore. they're just gonna rake in the money.
  5. i agree. i use my wii mostly when i have friends or family over for casual gaming. as a solo gaming platform, i pretty much only play no more heroes. i probably won't be selling it though. its still interactive and fun when i have people over, even if all we play is wii sports, boom blox, or one of the raving rabbids games.
  6. could be that it'll require installing hard drive, make it run like a PC game. i'm sure that can save disk space if it requires extraction and decompression to play.
  7. out of curiosity, did anybody play the gameboy color mgs? ghost babel?
  8. i really think the mgst is just an abbreviation for the mgs teaser... i know, i'm no fun at all.
  9. i really think its an abbreviation for mgs teaser...
  10. robo's and frog's themes are two of my favorites in the whole game. never realized how similar robo's theme is to rick roll though.
  11. probably just stands for "teaser". but it does have an "s" so maybe it is an MGS game.
  12. yeah...i'm not sure who green-lighted that one...
  13. yeah i got mine late too and was pleasantly surprised to get a music cd too =p yay!
  14. ok, i was wrong then. the psp does at least say excuse me before it shuts off on you. Though you have to admit that its hard to pay attention to one tiny green light, blinking or not, when its conveniently covered by your right thumb when you're holding the psp. (and no, i don't routinely push my home button to check my battery every now and then when i'm playing a game either.) anyway, back to the subject at hand. i just got my bonus chrono trigger CD in the mail! yay. too bad only 2 songs though.
  15. that red light of imminent battery death is one of those features i like in the NDS -- it lets you know you better find a save point. the psp just shuts off without so much as an excuse me.
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