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  1. Have I ever told you you two are my Gods and I haven't stopped worshipping you daily for this release for two weeks? I love how complex this must have been, technical wise, and artistically, its gorgeous. Thank you both for taking your time to do such a wonderful remix.
  2. I'm still torn between the original and new piece for To Far Away Times... they're both so beautiful... But... just an odd question... What are the lyrics?
  3. I have no clue why.... but this song makes me feel nostalgic and longing for all the things long past. A good download, even if the death theme isnt the first thing you wish to hear in any FF game...
  4. This song is actually pretty good. This one reminds me of the song "Eyes on Me" from FFVIII(which this song was the base for). I thought it was too short, IMHO...
  5. I downloaded this, expecting it to be a straight Metropolis remix, but I got more then that. This sounds great, especially since Hydrocity and Metropolis go so well together. Nice job =~.^= O, and the sound effects at the beggining/end make great additions =^.^=
  6. I'll say what I said when this was in the WIP forum: This song is perfect. Absolute perfectness. Any CT fan should get this, and perhaps SING to it. And have a good time doing so. Cuz I sure did.
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