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  1. Funny story about this song. I was listening to this one day this past semester in my dorm room, and my friend AJ came to visit. AJ is the FPS type of gamer. He's a total PC gamer, yet doesn't play too much. He's big into sports, didn't know who Mega Man was when i first talked to him, and has no clue what ann emulator is. Much to my dismay, I like AJ, AJ's a good guy. Anyways, AJ has a wide variety of musical tastes, but he's never really been into video game remixes cause he doesn't even know the originals. well when he heard this masterpiece he asked me to send it to him right away. I tho
  2. A very chill, yet remarkably amazing remix from the humble djpretzel, this song brings in a slow beginning, very soft and moving, before the drums leap in, taking the song to an almost progressive rock meets funk groove. Complete with great organ-sounding guitar, great production, and hypnotic smooth sounds you can almost taste they sound so sweet. One of the best tracks on OCR. Highly recommended.
  3. now, i didn't go through all 59 pages of this thing....but here's the hardest boss i've ever faced: Ninja Gaiden 2. Jaquio. he has 3 parts to him. You have one life bar. The entire game is easy until you get to Jaquio. After that forget it. When i was a kid, I beat Jaquio once, threw down my controller and vowed i'd never beat him again. I haven't to this day. also...turtles for the NES was disgustingly hard. I only got to the level after the airplane level (which i think was the technodrome). hmm..what else... Mega Man 7 was pretty tough. MM 1-6 i can beat easily. I heard some complaints on
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