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  1. I haven't logged on to this website in ages. But I had to say this: this is my new favorite remix on this site. Hands down. And I love a looooot of remixes on this site. I'm in aw. *bows*
  2. Hey yall, I used to be a part of the community way back in the day, and just reunited with my love for this site in the past little while. I don't know if there's a thread for this yet, but there are soooo many remixes on this site, and probably a lot of good ones I've never heard of. So I thought I'd ask the community: what are some of the remixes that you feel need to have a little more lovin'? Maybe they're from an obscure game, or just a solid mix that's been buried in the archive for a while. What are your fav underrated OC remixes? I'll get the ball rolling with Mazedude's JapaneseSwamp. I love the weird sounding remixes, and this one has a certain charm to it. I never played the game, but I kinda sounds like something I'd hear in Banjo-Kazooie or something.
  3. Sensational! I'll give Mazedude a piece of cake, or any sweet desert of his choosing if he remixed Sam & Max next.
  4. I just checked out the Bowser version. Pretty funny! But I'd still love it if someone did a more serious version of it.
  5. Ellysia, in the sky city. Awesome track! Great job, and an awfully nice Christmas present.
  6. Is anyone interested in remixing the end credit music from Portal "Still Alive"?
  7. I'm a HUGE Kid Koala fan, so naturally I love this track. Those who haven't checked out Kid Koala, I urge you to do so. He mixes in some of the most random content I've heard into some of his tracks.
  8. Moo2u


    This might be an Odd request, but can someone make a remix of the stage music from Gyromite for the NES? For those who don't remember, Gyromite was that game where you used R.O.B. the robot to spin gyros so you could advance through the level. Kind of an underground old skool thing. If any remixer out there is looking for an old school song that has virtually been unremixed before, this is a good one! http://www.vgmusic.com/music/console/nintendo/nes/gyro-g.mid
  9. I just beat this game for the first time again in ages, and remembered how awesome the ending music is! http://www.vgmusic.com/music/console/nintendo/snes/smw_bossvict_arr.mid Something pretty jazzy would be awesome. As is right now it sounds like the end of a vaudeville show, or something, which in my mind is awesome.
  10. Moo2u

    Spider-Man 3

    I can't believe no one mentioned the worst cop-out in movie history... *SPOILER ALERT!* ...having Harry's Butler suddenly come in and say he knew his father killed himself with his own glider. First of all, who the hell is this guy, and why the hell should we care? Second, why the hell wouldn't he tell Harry before he went all crazy? Maybe he was just being a dick... Third of all, he must have done some fancy detective work when he was "cleaning his wounds." That's not easy to do. And lately, "I loved your father." ...I sware, the whole theatre was laughing at this. If you want us to take this moment siriously, maybe you should set up this character a bit more...who the hell is he, and why should we care!! In my opinion, instead of this crap, Harry should have talked to his father again, who would tell him to destroy Peter once and for all, but Harry finally stands up to his controling father and fights along with Peter to save MJ. That way, even though Harry would die still thinking Spider-man killed his father, he would have died a hero doing the right thing, without this random butler cleaning wounds and suddenly displaying unseen emotion...but that's just my thought...still thought the movie was pretty crappy...
  11. Moo2u

    Spider-Man 3

    I really really was expecting so much from this movie, and there was so much just poorly executed. I'll post my compleat thoughts later, but for right now I'll just quote J. Jonah Jamison. "It's crap!"
  12. Hey yall, I already submitted this to the judges, but I might as well see what the folks here think anyway. http://myspace.com/thetallestbandonearth The track's called Jam Toe Jam (it's at the top.) This'll be my second time submitting (it was rejected the first time.) So whatdya think?
  13. I'm actually surprised that there isn't more replies to this remix. It's incredibly well done! I'll admit, I've never played Kid Icarus, but I really with I had. The game looks like an amazing cross between Mario, Metroid and Zelda, and with Pit appearing in the next Smash Brothers I'm sure we'll be hearing more from him. The remix is heroic and simply suggestes adventure with every note! By all acount this should be a classic Nintendo theme. It's just so brilliant and catchy, and this remix shows how great this original music is and has potential to be. Here's hoping this theme is featured in Smash Brothers Brawl!
  14. I second the Worms Theme. Something very heroic would be awesome. If someone can make a remix of the water warning from Sonic, this theme is deffinitly long enough.
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