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  1. As unfair as it is, mentioning that you're from GameFAQs will instantally brand you. Personally, I'd wait until you gain some status (and not use terms like "1337 $|<|11Z") before saying anything; but that's me. After reading your post again...if you don't really care, don't worry about it. And hello, Uber Goalie! Welcome, and...umm...tread lightly.
  2. Hello, Arek! And welcome! If you need any help navigating 'round UnMod, lemme know. I'll do my best to help ya' out!
  3. --Begin Transmission-- Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. I can't say enough about this absolutely fabulous piece. The begining is completely captivating with all of the different voices coming in one-by-one, the snare in the background is perfect, the bells fit right in, good use of crechendos and decrechendos, I can even sing to the melody of the original song. GOD! This piece is absolutely fabulous. Looking forward to hearing more from you! PS Is it possible at all to get a copy this piece in sheet-music form? I have a band teacher who would probably LOVE this and LOVE to have the class pla
  4. --Begin Transmission-- Starting out this piece is a little surprising. McV is usually known for really complex, kick-ass songs, but here he's gone simpler--which is very nice. I can see myself drinking tea on the balcany of my high-class house to this song while looking out over the French (or German in this case) landscape. I like the simple sound to it. The samples are high quality (I was surprised to see that it was at 192kbps), so you know it's not going to sound like a cat on crack. This piece starts out very niceley with what sounds like some sort of stringed duet, like a ballet. Very
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