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  1. You can try using this preset to encode your MP3. It uses VBR and stays within 192kbps for encoding OCRemix MP3s. Lame Encoder http://lame.bakerweb.biz/ Lame GUI Razorlame http://www.dors.de/razorlame/ Razorlame Preset http://sonicade.com/t/192%20max%20vbr%20Standard%20OCRemix.zip
  2. I played FFXI for 2 years and can relate with battling despair at dawn, usually from a lack of sleep. I like the crisp clean cymbals and overall clear production quality. Very impressive piece.
  3. It's great to see this was accepted and thank you for the comments. I'll do my best to submit another track before another 6 years passes.
  4. Sanctuary of Zitah is such an awesome track. I've made a couple attempts at remixing it but none that got finished. If I manage to finish something I'll post it here.
  5. I'm honored to receive a compliment like this from you Disco Dan. I'm a big fan of your Green Amnesia remix, it's incredible. Best Regards, Sonicade
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