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  1. I LOVE THIS SONG!!!! The brass is really, really, really, awesome! I love how they sound on my headphones.
  2. The intro I found kind of disturbing, likely due to it being so late (1:37am) and I'm about to go to bed. Usually these kinds of things don't bother me, but once the music kicked in I was fine. I liked the guitars and everything! The only problem (for me) with this remix is that I don't think I could listen to it on repeat forever like the previous two songs. This will go in my Music Collection on my hard drive, but I wish it was something I could have on repeat without being in some rare mood. Still, good stuff!
  3. This remix is kinda catchy and it's growing on me. The only question I have is... Doesn't the word Nigga mean stupid? I think it says that in the dictionary...not sure, but if I'm right then your saying I'm your stupid your my stupid. If it means race then... your my black (white) I'm your black (white). Also it might mean friend (?). Trying to figure it out...heh. Other then that I guess the remix is fine.
  4. It's an awesome remix and it's in my list of them, but I have one question. Can you/anyone tell me what your singing? Trying to think (busy right now...can't listen this minute) of what I've got out of the words so far..."Ecstasy" and "Set me Free"?
  5. I don't know exactally what it is, but I tried to do a very very sloppy modification to the lyrics on OCR to match what he really said. I will admit that where I put stuff along the lines of "mwahh..." and "aaaaooo..." was an attempt (however poor it may be...) to show what he was singing in sounds, not words. I think also where I put "Finally now," I'm not sure if it's "now". I tried really really hard to hear what he was saying there and that was the best word I could come up with...well here it is. Final_Fantasy_4_Tororian_Love_Song_OC_ReMix Lyrics (Update) Perhaps its time to question; all these things I’ve been doing for so long... ...So wrong... mwahh... SO much I need not mention, but the need within me is so strong. So, so long... I know that the answer is beside me. As I have believed from the start, But it's just so hard for me to go there. Dispite of all this aching feeling, I Just don’t want this all to fall apart. And as I look into your eyes It's more like looking at myself Through someone else Like no one else. aaaaooo... ALL THIS PAIN AND HATRED Never knowing from whence it came I’m playing this game It's always the same. In all this there’s one thing I could ask you That you should always remain true Even if I’m gone you’ll still remember Its just hard when nothings right and Everything seems out of sight tonight. Yeahhhhh... yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I don’t wanna leave yet How could you think that I could love Somebody new? Someone like you? Someone like you... oooooohhhhhhwah As the night fades into a day I thought it’d be something that you should know-ah...should know-ah... Finally now, if there was one thing that I could ask you. Is that you should always remain true? Even if I'm gone you'll still remember. It's just hard when nothings right. -But I guess I'll survive another night Waiting to create another me That only you...that only you can see. P.S. I am positive that this update needs yet another update to professionalize it.
  6. They likly already know about this website...and if they didn't you could just e-mail them the link if you really wanted them to know about it.
  7. I love this remix and yes I'll agree that anyone that loves FFIV must download this. The only thing that would make me more happy though, is if there was a second edition of this to perfect it. I don't know what'd I do if that'd happen...maybe uh...listen to it?
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