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  1. I once envisioned a death metal rendition of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney's "Objection!" theme, with two vocalist and solo guitarist duos debating as they would in one of the cases. I thought it would be pretty damn funny.

  2. Actually... They have transparent LCD screen now, as the above video shows. Imagine if they could put that onto the controller. It would be weird at first, but it might be kind of cool.

    Put a motion tacking system in the controller (which we already have, and is the way everyone is going), and then make it so that when you hold it up to your eye and look at the TV, the screen on the controller shows you some hidden things, like stats or items or whatever. A little augmented reality in your video games, if you will.

    Gimmicky as hell, but it might be a cool idea if done right.

    That... Is actually a legitimately cool idea. Reminds me of that stupid DSi ghost game, but I'm sure some better use could evolve from it. Just a little bonus, like a Lens of Truth sort of thing.

  3. So it seems you can access the intro (countdown right above "News") on the site by hitting tab and pressing enter once it's highlighted

    Hope this means a new Metal Sonic, though I'd be happy if they just reused the one from S3&K.

    I thought this was a joke at first, because I figured no self-respecting company would release something written so poorly. But lo and behold, it's real. At this point, this isn't just me being a grammar nazi, this is sad. :|

  4. I think it's a lot of fun once you actually get into a game (which is no small feat, I waited like 35 minutes last time). You really have to go into the key binds and figure out what's-what though, as there's no tutorial or anything and it just kinda throws you into the fray.

  5. So do you guys think Silent Hill: Homecoming is worth $10? I've never played any of the other games, but apparently it's a quasi-reboot or something.

    If you've never played any of the others, I'd recommend skipping it. I only played through it because I'm a fan of the series and it wasn't very good. You can spend that $10 on a PC copy of SH2, though - that'd be a good investment.

    I wish the duplicate game gifting worked for all Steam games instead of just select few. I know it's like this to prevent people from abusing the system, but it kinda sucks for those of us who don't plan on abuse. :|

  6. If you have any friends, Dokapon-freaking-Kingdom. The game is great, but only if you have friends to play it with. The AI cheats. Literally. Or so I heard from some of my friends.

    +1 for this. The game looks absolutely ridiculous and I was hesitant to play it at all when invited by my friends, but it's quite fun.

    And yes, the AI does cheat. :-x

  7. Over the last couple weeks I've finished working with Danimal Cannon and Fishy to create Rygar Medley and Omnislash (respectively). I also finally finished the daunting task of re-charting and adding drums to virt's Crystal Flash - I think it turned out well! If you're interested you can see the videos linked in the first post.

    For those that missed this the first time or forgot but are still interested in the plastic-ization of their songs, contact me on aim or let me know here!

  8. Left 4 Dead games, I go random. Always random. That way, no one complains about "I had that character picked". You hit random, people can choose first. Besides, it's not like there's any pros or cons with the different characters.

    If you play as Louis nobody can complain when you take pills even if you don't need them. :<

    As for character creation, I tend to go female for a couple reasons. First is most games I play have male protagonists, so it's nice to mix it up. Second is because of all the hawt pixel-woman action that I usually deny paying any attention to.

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