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  1. Amazing. I never knew this sound could be made into something like this, something so sothing and upbeat at the same time. The song sounds a bit like Trance but I like it. Takes this song to a new level that wont be matched by anyone anytime soon. Hope to see more from ya man! This is freakin awesome!!! DOWNLOAD NOW!!
  2. Freaking awesome yo! I love the drums. Soo freaking good. My favorite part is around 0:43 thou. When i first heard it, I literally said "OMG..this is freaking good." LOL
  3. Umm....what so good bout this remix. I mean its alright I guess but the guitar just sounds horrible at the beggining. The jazzy part is alright but the rest is eh.... Iono, i dont mean to be mean but jeez, the original sounds a lot better...
  4. Wow....great song. Man, Ive had this song for a while now and didnt really notice it on my list after a good week on being it. So I played it and I just loved it. This is just one of those songs you keep lisening too and dont get tired. Heh, one of the regulars on my Winamp! Great job!!! This is awesome!
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