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  1. Dang, this is awesome. I didn't think there were any fresh perspectives on Terra's theme. I was very wrong. I'd love a tab of the beginning.
  2. Gorgeous. This is an awesome remix. The chord structure resonates with a fresh power, adding much to the song.
  3. I really loved this. The trumpet is AWESOME. I would love to see the trumpet parts on paper. The chords are great.
  4. This is awesome. I haven't found a single one of Klutz's songs that I don't like. I am especially fond of any Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy songs. This one is just great. 10/10. Absolutely superb.
  5. Hmm... I'm going to revise my opinion. Now that I have listened to it a few times, I like it a bit more. It's kind of catchy actually. It's something I would put on a CD to listen to over and over.
  6. Well, Pretzel, I can definately hear all of the different influences. The music from the fair was awesome. Trigun just rocks. Jethro Tull is okay. Somehow, though, I expected more. Maybe you should have left the supercharger on there...
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