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  1. Here's the next WIP..high quality this time The track is called *Rhythm Breaker* http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/view.php?id=525830⊂=74319
  2. awesome..this is some really inspired music..congrats!!
  3. It's the ending theme of SFA3/SFZ3 Has anyone ever remixed it?? it's a pretty cool track^^
  4. Hi Ocremixers! I haven't posted this track in the Remix section because is more an "inspired by" music than a "Street Fighter's Gouki theme remix" It's a mix between different genres..slow "Hip-Hop-ish" intro then it's a mix between Drum n' Bass (Pendulum style drums) and Hardcore http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/view.php?id=525830⊂=74319
  5. Any1 has: -the Prodigy "Crash" drum -a cool dance snare like that of "Nessaja"(from "Scooter") THX guys!
  6. Yo Paragon! Ur finally on ocremix Nothing to say here...an amazing breakbeat work
  7. yes,but the stuff that i need to filter is a breakbeat in .wav format which plays in the redrum! I try to record the filters but nothing...
  8. I've got a problem with recording Ok guys,I've got an amen break on the Redrum machine and i want to use LP filters on it I push the rec button,i push play,i use the filters,when I've finished I push stop, and I rewind the song to hear if it worked... Nothing!!! The recording hasn't automatized the Lp filter! What can I do?!
  9. I need the soundfont of a great flute Did u remember "Prophecy" from secret of mana?! I need a flute just like that!
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