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  1. my faveirote part of aranoid would have to be that like "do do dooooo do do do do do" when yo udie and get a new bll, you know what im talking about, lol
  2. great song ,does the level fine, sorta reminds me of that game Battle Cars or something like that. any way my faveirote part has to be the first 2 minutes, specially at 24 seconds into the song when the simbols sound off, thats great, love the simbole work man
  3. great song man, love it, and its hella funny. while your at it, watch the video that goes along with this song on newgrounds.com hhaha great work.
  4. 'tis a sweet song cheif. i say i like the first half. but my faveirte of the whole sogn was the first minute and 30 or so. you know the "secondary wepons to enable and prime.." with the voices goin on. great job man. hopeing you make just an all cornia remix song.
  5. WoW you know this song brings back memories. this song now-a-days gets me really sad because it reminds me of when my brother an i were little. and had the new NES and would play that game...memories heh..now we're are all grod up (well im 16 at least). but yeah i like the back round theme they artist made with the song. I do play it still on my nes emulator..er..wait..no i have no illegal roms..what are you talking about =p
  6. God i love Raden Trad ive looked EVERYWHERE for a remix. and this one sure lives up to it i hope some more remixes of this one song come out. i miss snes games. they should make PS2 versions..
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