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  1. This remix irks me! It absolutely terrifies me, though in a good way! I absolutely loved the music on E1M8 (and various other maps, too.), and this music makes it sound all the more better! Awesome job
  2. I was never really fond of this music in the game, and I wasn't very fond of Barrels o' Fun (Map23), either.. But.. This is an awesome remix! Great work!
  3. This is a completely awesome remix. It is also one of my favorite songs in the game, too
  4. Hellloooo... I'm new here. I seem to have stumbled upon your wonderful remixes, and thought I'd sign up. Doom happens to be one of my favorite games! I still make maps for Doom, despite the fact of its age. I know very much about Doom, so I thought I'd review this. This remix is wonderfully evil. I mean that in a good way, too. This music is a perfect rendition of MANY Doom songs. Here are a couple of the obvious ones I heard: 1.D_IN_CIT (Map09 music) 2.D_ADRIAN (Map25 music) 3.D_AMPIE (Map23 music) There might be more, but I don't think I am listening close enough
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