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  1. Hey unipulator, is it legal to post on the thread thats reviewing your own remix ? :P anyway, nice mix man... the piano in the beginning gets me a bit sleepy, but that could be because ive ben up sice 5 and i have yet to read 3 chapters in the scarlet letter
  2. hmmmm hardest boss eh? i could say the last wily form in rockman and forte (Mega man 9) while being mega man is completely impossible. bass has a double jump which u can reach him whilehes at the top of the screen but megaman cant.....god i almost broke my computer from the frustration that that rom caused me!!! another worthy candidate is ultimate rugal in Capcom Vs. SNK2 on maximum diffulculty!! the guy was hard even on the lowest difficulty but on the highest i deem it downright impossible!!!!
  3. I have no idea what any of you are talking about!!!!! this remix is completely amazing, 6 out of 5 stars. the drum track was very sophistacated and withheld a enough a pattern to keep the song amazing. the light flute in the backround at times also added a nice touch. also the bass track is quite amazing. major props to DJPretzel for making such an AMAZING remake. this definetely follows the funk pattern along with the drums and especially the bass. one drawback is the repeative-ness but for that actraiser is to blame. this is definetely in my top 3 greatest VG remixes of all time keep up the good work DJPretzel
  4. that is because of the incredible rarity of the game. almost anyone who has even played this game had done through via emulators. the game was released after Mega man 8 in 1999 for the superfamicon in japan. it attracted very little attention in japan so no uS version was ever made. this game however became very popular as a rom for emulators like ZSNES or SNES9X. there were translations made of this game into either 50% or 75% english, enough to understand so that one could play. anyway the new GBA version has released and finally had a database in english so that we can actually understand the renting of the maverick bosses. the music of this game only became popular over zsnesa and was hard to transfer out of it. but i really hope with the release of the GBA version there could be more remixes, especiall of magic mans stage, damn that was a good remix!
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