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  1. I second that, but the rest is awesome. I guess Im in the "love it" side of the arguement for this song. Seriously I cant think of anything wrong about this piece except the "uh" parts...
  2. when disco dan said 180bpm, I almost wet my pants.... The mix is good, I remember playing an zsnes version of this game and I can recall the BGM well. Get into jungle and DnB! theres a whole genre dedicated to it
  3. great stuff. Even if I wasnt a C&C fan I would have liked it just for the music.
  4. This rmx is awesome. The dark element is superb and reminds me of just how dark and scary doom games were. I have one complaint and this is gonna go with most of the OCs here anyway. After the intro, the drum and bass could be a bit faster. I think same song sped up in WMP sounded better and has more of an adrenaline rush which all doom games had.
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