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  1. Hey! Species8472!

    I watch Star Trek now; I understand the reference! Come back!!

  2. Whatchu doin' CHECKIN' UP ON ME, BOY??!!

  3. I can has webernet spaces? :P

    I don't have space online to upload it, but I could email it to you. PM me your email addy.

  4. @urdailywater: Yes.

    @ThinCrust: Clear your PM inbox.

    @Ced: 49001!

  5. Antonio Pizza IS doing well, in full effect, and still occasionally talking in 3rd person. Are you 17 yet OCRE? :P

  6. Hello Epitaph.

    And Paul avoided Ephasus because he was too busy in Tesoleniica with Timonithee sparding tha Werd... Sorry. I'm gonna go repent now.

  7. Did Paul avoid Ephasus because they didn't like him?


  8. That's cool. Gimmie emails. The Mrs. & I are off to communion service. God bless you in love.


  9. where you at homie? I'm 'bout to bounce soon.

  10. Are you in #ocremix on enterthegame.com?

  11. Did you make service this morning?

  12. Thanks for giving Thin Crust my email addy for me. Wifey and are chilling for a bit before we head off to communion service at 4pm. I'm stalling cleaning out the tub. :(

  13. Sup dood. Do you have IRC?

  14. Dude. I didn't know your birthday was the 8th. My brother's is the ninth. Sorry I missed you. Happy birthday you street fightin' posh talkin' music mixin' cool dude machine!

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