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  1. I was looking forward to at least trying it out, but not now. With the lack of anything really innovative and new (everything gathering profession wise is just a hot'n'cold game to waste time, shit's still based on the moon phases, same races but in HD with new names), I wasn't expecting much. However, now that it's been confirmed they're going to be implementing a fatigue system to slow people down while leveling, I'll never try the game as long as it's implemented. Essentially, you'll get 8 combat hours of full experience then 7 hours with diminishing returns to 0 experience per class per
  2. After reading the pages afterwards, why are you even bothering to argue with the imbeciles? They've yet to state why they truly think the games are terrible beyond moronic generalizations. You may as well go yell at a fucking wall and scream "YOU ARE NOT WHITE, YOU'RE MADE OF MARSHMALLOW!" for the same damn effect. All I've heard is the same stupid diatribe from morons from the "haters" camp that gets repeated in almost every fucking thread that deals with FFXI, WoW, both, or just MMOs in general. It's always something incredibly trite as "popular != good", "WoW sucks", "FFXI sucks", "peop
  3. God I love that game. Too bad my PSP is dead. Spoilers blah blah blah I didn't think much of the game when I read about it, since it was "just Zack's story". We picked it up nonetheless and it sat off to the side until I finally sat down and decided to give it a whirl. Sadly, I can honestly say that I find it the best storyline SE has written (even if it's just an offshoot of another) since FFIX, and definitely since the fail that was FFXIII. The whole game's a rollercoaster emotionally, because you KNOW how it's going to end. It's like a train wreck in that you know what's going to hap
  4. Hey, I'm trying to PM you but I can't figure it out. eMail me at mustin@mustinproductions.com

    Good to see you!

  5. ...or someone with good keyboard skills that could make in incredible sounding mix. I have the music I wish to use and merely need someone to record it as I don't have time for that (or the hardware/software anymore really). Fire off a PM if you're interested and want more information. ~Russell Cox (PS. How the frig do I change this username. I have no clue how the hell it got to this name.)
  6. Hello Strijder (or Russell Cox) :)

    I have been listening to your arrangements on OCReMix and I really enjoy them, particularly the orchestral ones, such as your Dragon Warrior mixes. I was kind of curious what it is that you use to achieve such realistic sounds in your mixes. Do you use music notation software? And if so, which do you use and with what instrument package? I would like to buy a music notation package, but the most important thing about it is that it has good playback sound, and so far I haven't been able to determine what software that would be.

    Anyhow, I would appreciate you taking some time to answer my questions!


    Jean Of mArc

  7. That's exactly what I'm looking for. If you two are interested, let me know via PM or an email.
  8. Live is preferred for obvious reasons, but I'm reasonably open if someone can make a sampled recording that lives, and not just plays.
  9. Is there anyone that is a fairly decent piano player that also has some form or method of recording themselves? If so, I'm interested. Email me or send a PM for more information for a collaboration remix. Thanks in advance : )
  10. Arcane is a raiding spec, so stick with either first or frost per flavor. And come on, we all know pulling aggro is in. All the cool kids do it!
  11. Wow... First all, no it isn't me. I just turned 26 yesterday, and I'm fairly confident I was alive for my non-celebration. Second of all, this is incredibly freaky. I moved to Indiana in September to get away from the shithole that is Tennessee. As far as "nothing wrong with me" ... well... a lot of people would say being gay is wrong but fuck 'em. No, wait, I won't because they're straight. EDIT: How the hell do I change my name. How the *fuck* did it become Strijder Vechter?
  12. I'd say about the only thing worse than that is a Paladin in T5 and Merciless Gladiator shit -- they look like a peanut butter & jelly sammich.
  13. Again, incorrect. Learn2copypaste and fucking read. http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=19712082&sid=1 Like I said, Azgalor was on the first batch. But, I guess you weren't smart enough to notice I said it was during the week, and not Tuesday like your illiterate friend. First of all, not every god damn notice is on those boards. Stormscale(US) just had their 1.5 day maintainence this past Tuesday but it's not mentioned anywhere. I guess by your fucked up logic it DID NOT HAPPEN BECAUSE NO BLUE POST ON WOW FORUMS ROFLAMSKSDSD!!1!111oine!!!1 And, when they DO pos
  14. I see it as a toy more than a real bonus. The Priest talents are really lackluster. Hell, aside from Paladin, Shaman, and Warlock they all seem lackluster to me.
  15. It's been posted on the loading screen IN THE GAME for the past four days. Learn to pay attention. Yea, except "in reality" he posted that WEEKS ago whent he FIRST batch of servers went down for extended maintence. Blizzard posted the first advisory at around 9PM the DAY BEFORE, so if you didn't log on that night, you didn't know your server was gonna be down for 36 hours AND your friends list was gonna be gone until you tried to log back in after normal maintence would USUALLY be over. So before you go correcting someone, you might wanna check the dates on the posts. Or otherwise "Learn
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