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  1. Truly a mark of brillance in the realm of trance. It could easily be fit into one of Oakenfold's or Sasha's mix CDs. The vocals in the background remind me of the one's found in Hooverphonic's Autoharp, and add nicely to the mix.
  2. Nothingness. Depression. Despair. And some faint thread of hope, as the strings progress. Stays true to the original mix of the song, while enhancing its 16-bit fallbacks with real live sound and emotion. Not in the norm of what CotMM does, but it certainly has his fingerprint on it. One very minor complaint: I miss the bells that drone in the original song, which added a certain flavor to the song. Other than that, I have nothing say that would compare to what djpretzel or the rest have wrote, except that I wanted to add my vote to the rest of the glowing reviews of this excellent score of ambience.
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