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  1. Thanks a lot man! Well it's not my first video per se, I've done lots of short clips for contests and film festivals already. But it was my first try with recording. Since I was on a tight deadline to get this video done, it wasn't as good as I could have made it. Didn't have time to do some good mixing/eq/etc. w00t!!! I didn't know there was an animeremix site! O_O That's awesome haha, it's my new favourite now! I'll deff be submitting some more recordings in the near future then! Thanks for letting me know! Thank you! I like to exceed peoples expectations, even if it's just a little bit! Ya, music is deff my biggest passion. I finally saved up enough for a microphone/pre-amp/etc and bought them recently. I'm going to spend more time experimenting once the semester is over. =D Thanks for the compliment! Pipa is a pretty cool instrument, I have yet to master it though! and iPhone rocks as well!
  2. ya, a flute would have been much better, i'll prob redo it in the future with a flute! Haha, but this was for the sake of the contest >_< Can't help the quality of the iphone ocarina.
  3. Hey OCR, I just recently entered into a contest held by Smule. These guys made an OCARINA app for the iPhone. Yes, I had to put that in caps, cause it's pretty friggen crazy haha, I didn't believe it until I actually tried it out myself! Anyhow, for this contest they just wanted us to use the ocarina in creative ways, so I decided to record one of my favourite songs, which is "Sadness and Sorrow"! They were giving away 10 prizes of $1000 to the 10 best videos, and MINE happened to be one of them! So I was pretty stoked. =D ... for me that equals money to buy more instruments haha! This is the first music recording I've done (I coupled it with video too) so I'm still pretty n00bish at mixing and getting the mic stuff right, however, this is an exciting path to be working forward in! Please rate/comment/leave love and/or hate! It's all appreciated! Best Regards, Vlad
  4. Where might i find this original source? Wanna hear it for myself...its always even better taking the source and comparing it with the mix! Thats when i show ALOT more appreciation for the DJ in specific
  5. It kinda sounds like its by Chopin, cause i know ive heard this melody before somewhere...but if anyone knows the name/author for the original song then they should definetely share it with us
  6. HAha...funny thing cause just last night i forced my friend to get his Sega Genesis system out and we played some Streets of Rage! LOL then today i see this mix on here...haha Oh well lets see now *goes to download it* hmm! This mix is alrite, doesnt really work for me that much! Maybe its the techno style (even though im a huge fan of techno music), just the way stuff is put together isnt very favourable with me, i like the main rhythm and beat tho! Keep working at it tho
  7. hmm...i already posted a reply in the Remixs in Progress thread about this one! But i decided to post once more This remix is really a classical masterpiece, it had me sitting there with my eyes closed, absorbing the music as i do when i listen to classical music. Really awesome piece, and i totally agree with maplejet that this could fit in with the great genius composers like beethoven and mozart at the time! I know this one is gonna go onto a future cd that i might make! It would be good for road trips...cause i could get lost in this song foreeverr!! AWesome job...keep it up! -Vlad
  8. Haha...i bet Crono is REALLY good with the ladies. I mean...im sure his music causes ears to have friggin orgasms...i know it happens with me !!! Everytime i load up my OCR playlist and have listened to the 4 mixes by crono at least 5 times each...then i load up the site! Always checking if maybe he has anything new? I CRAVE for some new music by him...>_< its juuuusssttt sooooo goooooooood!! Fuck, i think im gonna force my parents to buy me some keyboards and other equipment! And btw...what exactly do you use to make your Purely Genius Orgasmic Remixes? Maybe if i wanna get started i can get a good idea if i know what you use...sure i can always check the Remixing 101 section but id much rather want to know what the GOD OF REMIXES uses... Thanx bro...it would be sweet if u replied to this...cause i really wanna know Peace -Vladdie *checks DJ Crono's list of remixes again* P.S. DAMMIT WHERES HIS NEW MIXES? jk...hopefully there'll be some new ones out soon eh! Its prob lots of hard work so u need to take ur time but ill be here, waiting patiently (ya rite ) Peace bro!
  9. yet another masterpiece from the great Dj Crono! I have never ever thought of doing anything such as remixing game music or even other kinds of music. It never really crossed my mind (maybe also because i lack the talent)...but hearing YOUR music, has like changed my life forever! I wish i asked to a 'remixing kit' or something when i was 10 at least and learnt to play a whole bunch of instruments and be able to make somethin as good as this (which is like impossible...you are like the Beethoven or Mozart of Remixing!) Pure genius really! I hope you never stop this wonderful thing you do... It would be a real honour too meeting you in person or somethin...id like ask for your autograph! Seriously the music nowadays isnt all that great, sometimes you wanna give up! But then you look at anime ost's, and the regular check on OCRemix and you have pretty much everything you need...thanks to awesome artists like you! Keep it up bro! -Vlad
  10. I just want to point something out quickly...is it POSSIBLE for Dj Crono to come out with a BAD mix that hardly anyone will like?! Im sure all of you will agree with me and say that NO...THATS COMPLETELY FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE!!! OMG ever since i first heard SIMONS SYMPHONY ive been hooked right on onto this guys music! All my friends like it, even my parents and some teachers cause his songs are like No #1 on my list when im making new cd's! This guy has to be one of the most talented DJ's here, sure there are tons of other people that come close! But i bed DJ Crono here would be tops on most peoples list! Well done with this mix and your others...what is the URL for Anime Remix site btw? I wanna check out some more of your stuff!! Peace -Vlad PS. Love the sig!!! Awesome stuff bro!
  11. I agree with Zircon on what he said. You are really a TRUE genius with this piece. Currently your's and Crono's Symphony are my two ultimate fav songs on this site, and my favourite songs out of all that i listen to (i listen to lots ) This piece was so moving, it is indeed flawless and a great masterpiece. The air and feeling it gives to me cannot be easily created by any other piece. This one is very unique and so awesome. Hearing things like this makes me wish that I took piano lessons when i was younger. And i am also wondering if you did it from sheet music or just off the top of your head? And if it WAS from sheet music, then I hope you could give a link to it or something as i would be SOOO DELIGHTED to be able to have the notes to this piece and once i get around to learning piano this would be my number one piece I would want to play Keep up the awesome piano skills Cant wait to hear more of your Remixs!!! Ill be looking forward to it! -Vlad
  12. Im pretty new to OCR and i just heard this song like 2 days ago and omg this is probably the best hip hop song ive heard in a LONG TIME!!! Its really amazing what some of the people can do on this site, really a true work of art! But this song is probably the best on the site (I havent listened to them all but i currently have all downloaded from # -E) I havent stopped listening to this song yet! Right now I have it pumped really loud, love the base, love the rhythm, love the rapping. There is NOTHING i dont like about this song !!! Its really amazing, Im gonna listen to some more of your work Crono!! You are really one amazing artist! Honestly your work is album material, you could make some serious bucks out of this stuff (if ur not doin that already)!!! Well prob everything I have to say has already been said, so theres my scoop! CANT WAIT TO HEAR YOUR NEXT MIX!!!! Peace out Vlad P.s. I cant open the lyrics via that link. It gives me ERROR FOUND ON THIS PAGE or somethin like that in the Status Bar
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