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  1. Great take on the song man. I love it. It makes me want to take my piano playing a little more seriously.
  2. I like this one. I loved the guitars. If I were playing it I would have done a few things slightly differently, like hammer on and pull off a couple spots differently, and trilled a few notes differently, but that's just my style, the way this guy did it was beautiful either way.
  3. I loved it. This is one of my favorites to listen to. I like the idea of keeping it close to the original. If you stray too far, it loses it's charm and isn't as recognizable. I think sometimes we get too caught up in who can make the coolest sounding mix of song. Personally, I just want to hear versions of video game music that don't stray too far from the original. I like ot hear what it would sound like if a live band or an orchestra did it.
  4. w00t! This was pretty cool. As a guitarist, I love to hear awesome solos, and I especially love the Castlevania music for its playability. It's so easy to take a motive, or even an entire period from a castlevania song and write your own peice from it. Very awesome to the struggling musician. When I first heard this I felt it was just another run of the mill heavy mix. I enjoyed it, but didn't appreciate it until I tried to play it a few nights later. Very nice guitar work. I thought the bass was fine, just needed some fine tuning EQ wise. the drums were a little redundant, but there is charm in simplicity. I wish I could get my drummer to settle down and play something simple sometimes.
  5. Oh I agree that it was well played. I just think that it could have used a little bit more time, or at least a couple different takes of it so iron out the wrinkles. I think it's awesome that he figured out all that stuff, and I realize that some of it is pretty hard to do, but don't you think that maybe a few more takes to perfect it would have made it sound better than it already did?
  6. I think the mix was alright. The guitars definatly need some work, but my hat's off to you for figuring it out as wel as you did. the bass was on the money for the most part. the drums I thought were a little off at times. Perhaps the guitars would have sounded better if there had been a second guitar player involved. I am a musician, so I understand the value of a second guitarist when playing harmonized leads. The solo for the Atma theme needs a little work too. I realize that in the original, it was kind of wishy-washy, but there are some definat miss-slides there. I'm not a fan of the trebley bass, but those bass lines are hard enough, so do what you gotta do. overall, pretty good
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