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  1. I have to say I absolutely love the style. If I hadn't played F-Zero since the 4th grade, oh, 13 years ago, I might guess that the tune was originally written this way. Right on target with the percussion and guitar, creates a great stylistically accurate feel. Here's something that's totally backwards: usually electronic steel drum sounds sound completely fake, while wind instruments are usually almost tolerable. However, in this mix, the steel pan sounds almost authentic, while the trumpet and flute have a very harsh General MIDI edge. I think if this mix were revamped with professional quality sounds for the trumpet and flute, it would be good enough that I might actually consider putting it on a CD and listening to it on the way to work. A bit of trivia: Steel drums (Steel pan) are not from Jamaica. They originate on the island of Trinidad and Tobago, and are the national instrument of that country.
  2. This is probably one of the best pieces I've listened to on this site yet - very creative use of the battle theme in a VERY unexpected, yet no less effective, way. It's very atmospheric and the instrumentation is great. Many composers who attempt 7/8 or other less common time signatures end up with their songs feeling choppy and forced, but this composition is very smooth. This guy knows his jazz. My only complaints are the voices that come in near the beginning and near the end - at first the words are a bit too recognizable, which makes it too easy to focus on what the voices are saying, and towards the end, it sounds like 3 of the same person talking all at once, which sounds a bit muddy. The vocals could work effectively, given more attention from the composer. I also feel that this should be a bit longer. Anybody who's seen a small jazz combo play something like this knows that they can go on for 10, 15, even 20 minutes if they want to. I'm not saying it should be 20 minutes long, I just think that it could have developed some more.
  3. It's unique as far as most of the other stuff on this site; I applaud him for not incorporating dance and/or techno. Overall the composition is very good, progresses smoothly and keeps your interest. Now for the critical stuff: At times the vocals leave something to be desired. He's not very strong in the higher notes he attempts in the last verse, and he over- and undershoots some of the melodic skips. And the angst-y lyrics, though rhythmically fitting with the music, aren't terribly unique, and are a little darker than what the melody and harmony suggest. Also in the beginning it sounds as if one of his strings is slightly out of tune. I would suggest that he get a little more practice singing; his voice has a good sound to it, but he needs practice hitting the right notes and holding a constant pitch. Overall, it was enjoyable to listen to. Oh, and just out of curiosity, why is it named after Toroia? I didn't hear a single melodic or harmonic motive taken from the Toroia theme.
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