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  1. I haven't signed on to OCR for over 7 years, but this song made me break my silence. Typically I just download the albums and be on my way, but I was listening to Balance and Ruin today when this song came on and had completely blown my mind. I had to listen to it again just to be fully sure I just heard what I heard, and then I proceeded to listen to it another 5 times throughout the day, and I imagine I'll give it another 5 or so listens. The Opera has always been one of my favorite songs in Final Fantasy VI. Even without the lyrics, it is a song that tells a story from it's highs and lows, from the slow, somewhat melancholic intro to the sort of "false happy" wedding theme to the dramatic fight scene to the heartwarming ending. There have been only two covers/remixes that I have ever felt to get it right, which was The Black Mages version and Distant World's version, every other just tends to fall short. That was until I heard this, it nails everything perfectly, the pace, the mood the emotion. It's far from traditional, but the Queen/Bohemian Rhapsody homage is absolutely brilliant, and the execution was nearly flawless. The piano/guitar/vocals are amazing, and gives me chills. This music isn't just nice to listen too, it's powerful. It makes me feel. Get get pumped and excited, and the emotional impact is far greater than any song that I can recall in recent memory. If I had pick any gripe out of this song, it would be a personal one and a rather pitiful one at that. I feel that the lyrics could have been just a tad bit more robust. I like the interpretation Maria and Draco as a Romeo and Juliet, but I feel that something was lost in translation. Also, I can understand the need to keep in line with Queen, but I felt that possibly another vocalist to help differentiate characters within the lyrics would have served better, maybe of hit that Meatloaf Rock Opera feel, However, the song is far above and beyond what I could expect and is easily the shining diamond in the album. Amazing job.
  2. This is definately one of OC's top mix. If there was such a thing as a Mainstream Video Game Radio Station (not just an online radio), this would be one of those songs that would play around every 7 songs, and you won't get sick of it, right to the end. It takes nothing to relise that this song will be up there with Little Macs Confession. The guitar is nice; the drums keep the beat; the vocals are clear; the lyrics, while not always clear in meaning, are catchy; and the just the theme behind it is original. Out of 1 out of a 10, if I could give an 11, I would want to give a 12. My ONLY gripe, (which is minor), is that there aren't this high of quality remixes that I can compare it to. Now... if only you can make a theme like this for every Street Fighter (II) character...
  3. Ok, I got this love hate realtionship with this song. (get it, love/hate song? ha ha!) The song itself is not bad, on the contrary, I like how the song comes in slow, Piano, then it goes into that guitar, then a heavy rock with a Piano, then it fades out. That is the coolest remix I heard ever since Little Mac's Confession. It was very original, and with it alone, was able to get into my Favorite Music list. However, my main problem was with the singer. He wasn't bad at all, but to me, he seemed slow trying to get in it, and High notes weren't his best attribute. However, I think he made up for that in the middle of the song, where he seemed to be getting really into it. Lyrics are ok, I couldn't get a story out of it like I could little Mac's confession, and some words didn't really add up, but that's nit-picking. All-in-all, I say a good job and keep up the good work!
  4. In my opinion, this is a great battle Remix. It flow's smoothly like a forward advancement to the enemy. It's sound is as good as the screams of the enemy in unison. It's beat is able to keep up with the tempo of a thousand troops. and the composition has the key parts of a raging war. In other words, It has great fluidity, and the sound... well, some people like it.. some people don't. Personally, I loved it. It has a good tempo beat to it... and I enjoy doing my exersizes to music with this beat. and I love the composition, The beginning, the middle... and the victorious ending.. Great DL!
  5. Pros: 1: It's a nice change from all those other Mario Remixes, ( let's Face it, Mario has been done so many times, it's getting old. ) 2: Actually, I consider this Great make out music for Gamer Lovers. It's something they can both relate to. and it's nice and loud so they can't get caught. 3: Nice catchy tune. 4: I just love that "yeeeooooo" sound.. Cons: 1: Too Short! I mean, c'mon, it's barely past a minute! That's hardly enough time to get my groove on. Edit: And as for Mario Being a short fat man.. I'll just say for a "short fat" man, he sure is agile. and you know what they say.. The more Agile you are, the more faster you score. at least the people around here say that..
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