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  1. My main problem with this one is that the bass seems really off. Maybe it's just me, but it seems like the bassline just doesn't fit in once the refrain part (for lack of a better term) kicks in...
  2. From the lilting beginning lead, to the timpanini drums (is that what those really big drums used in orchestra are called?), to the very cinematic sounding violins, this is a song well deserving of being ANY movies opening theme. Seriously, if there were a Megaman movie, I could see the song playing as the opening credits rolled by, with lights fading in and out around various parts of a lab and various parts of MM as the scenes dissolve into the main title. A bad*** remix if I ever heard one. It's very odd though, as the remix tends to hold little of the original track, as forgettable as that and most of the MM4 music is, IMO. Still, incredible at any rate.
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