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  1. Hi everyone, I'm Cold Rhapsody! Brr! Anywho, I've made a few posts in the past here and there, mostly spontaneous though, requesting a remix or just posting a reply to a topic that interested me. I consider myself a n00b still, but plan to make plenty-a post in the future and hopefully stick around a while. I cannot mix, I come to d/l and listen to all the great music mixed by others and I have to say that everyone does a wonderful job here! I love it!
  2. Well, if you want to quote a post, click the image on the top right of the post you're trying to quote. Then you could reply to it or edit the quote in case you're trying to quote a specific part. Also, you could always use the quote tags if you want to quote something else. [quote]Your text here[/quote] You can even quote images and whatever. If you want to quote a person with the tags, then it's [quote="Name of person"]Message[/quote] Hope that helps. Awesome! Thanks so much... your so helpful! Just testing out the quote thing, I guess I should really experiment more with those buttons.
  3. Ah, thanks Flash! I'm so behind the times. Case in point, I'm having trouble getting the qoute thing to work... (loser) I'll wing it. (o^_^o)
  4. I love this remix! I love how it starts out like the original then mixes out to the mix, I love that part! This is just an all around great remix! Excellent work!
  5. I'm afraid I have to disagree with everyone on this one. I'm not an avid mixer or anything, but I really enjoy this song. I thought it was awesome, I'm not real familiar with all the technical stuff but this song just made me wanna get up and dance (and I did!), so I don't think this is a bad song at all. Just my opinion, please don't hurt me, eep!
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