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  1. OMFG, this piece is amazing stuff redlight! I expected something good, but this is far better than just "good", it's uber-fantastic-synthetic-stellar-goodness. Absolutely love it.
  2. I'm surprised by just how much emotion this piece can convey, with it's outstanding arrangement and awesome piano notes, i almost cried.
  3. What i love about this song is the guitar work that comes in at 2'39, the way it changes my emotions, making me sad and happy at the same time. This part of the peice is most excellently arranged, it brings the whole thing together into something more than just a remix. I listen to this on my portable mp3 player alot btw. And much thanks to Freemind and GreyLightning for their excellent collaboration(s).
  4. I'm a newbie to OCR but %$#@ I love this track! How it starts off with a sweet sounding melody before moving into an awesome remix with excellent trance completely ownz this. If there is anything i could criticize it would be that i wish this peice could just keep going cause i wanted to continue hearing it over and over. Infact i can imagine it getting overhauled into an absolutely incredible extended version. Great work with this, SnowBro should be proud.
  5. i get alot of distortion from some of the bass/beats which detracts from this remix, i expected other posters would mention the distortions... so perhaps it's just me. Anyway, if it wasn't for the scratchy sound i hear, nice work.
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