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    I am from very far away place, but now I live not so far from here! I play the accordian since age 23. Now I am an master.
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  1. Juego: Tenchi Souzou [super Famicom, 1995] Song: Call at a Port Composers: Miyoko Kobayashi, Masanori Hikichi Formats: SPC Format MIDI Format tenchi souzou is naming also terranigma.
  2. hello i am signing up of the contestants now please be counting me as challenge thank you great
  3. man i dunno about this sample cruds. what the hell are an uilleann?? so confusing!
  4. I tried to play that first Trauma Center game, but I passed out. I am as they say haemophobic. Many video games blood does not bother me, but these doctors ones are different. Even just the title of this one make me cringe.
  5. That's correct! Very good!
  6. I can played guitar! Maybe can try it. We will see! But it is late now and I don't want to awake my suitemates.
  7. in my town, fake policeman is notorious rapist!
  8. There really's not enough tenchi souzou remix. My favvvorite song is the one that playing when just before you get the vessel! And christopher columbus is inside asleeping. But there some other good ones.
  9. this man is some great big tool. or a tool factory. his father definite does not love him.
  10. i post badly? sorry english is not my frist language!!!!
  11. my tiem to vote nintendo 64 games: Pilotwings 64 This game was really fun and it had a gyrocopter! A GYROCOPTER. plus you could shoot yoursefl out of a cannons and fly really far or the frogmen would eat you. YES Super Smash Bros. My little retarded broter used to play this game allllll the time. So I stoled it from him and now I play it allllll the time. It's really good! YES Tetrisphere It's like tretris but it's in a big ball!! I heard this game was really good but then I played it and I decided it wastnt so good afters all. NO GoldenEye 007 dude i had a gameshark and the things you could do with this game with a gameshark well it's amazing you can like push a button to blow up doors or make people'z heads reaylly huge or all kinds of things plus even without the gameshark this game is still freaking awesome so defientritely YES Perfect Dark this gaem is like a cheap imitation of Goldeney 007 with an ugly girl instead of BADASS JAMES BOND. so lame. NOPE Yoshi’s Story this game REALLY was not very good. NO playstations games; Ape Escape I remmber this game it had some monkeys and a man with a net who has to catch the monkeys. I was drawn a picture of the monkeys once in school and my differential equations professore got REALLY MAD it was funny!! YES Resident Evil 3: Nemesis This game was not so great it was fun but when the big moonster guy says "STARS" I am like what ever and didn't even care any more. NO Xenogears This game is frfeakign awesome! it even has refrences to ancients viking mythology! and hot anime chix. it doesn't get cooler than vikings and anime chix man YES i even have a xenogears HAT it is that awesome Chrono Cross dude Chrono Trigger was one of the best games ever made so by relation or assocation or whatever Chrono Cross is also one of the best games ever made! Plus when you beat it you get the fast forwards ability so you can beat it again really fast DEFINATLY Final Fantasy VIII i played this game for about 10 minutes and the whoel time this whiny bitch with a scar on his face cried like a girl and i had to stop before i clawed my own eyes out with my bare hands NO Resident Evil so you're stuck in this giant mansion, right? and these zombies are trying to eat you, right? and that wesker guy is gonna get owned, right? what are you gonna do? you can't call the ghostbusters BECAUSE they don't exist in this game! YES Ehrgeiz How did you skip this game? It's liek a fighting game only it has cloud and TIFA in it. YUP saturn game: i don't have a sega saturn but i know enough to say that Duke Nukem 3D is a cheap imitation of the REAL one for computer so NO computer games: Civilization IV THIS game was long dumb and boring. definiteyl NOT Deus Ex I had to upgrades my chips a lot in this game but it was still fun. So i hafta say DEUS YES Mechwarrior 2: Mercenaries OH i forgot about this game I played it when I was in like middle school or somethign and it was aaaawesome. Fucking robots can blow shit up everywhere everytime. YES World of Warcraft I used to play this gaem a lot so I turned into a semi retards but then my guild leader ninjad all teh loot from AQ20 so i quit so this game can sux my balls NO Cave Story this game made me cry when the little rabbit girl died. i gues that's a good thing?? YES Duke Nukem 3D two words: BOOBIES. YES Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas I like getting blowjobs from hookers then beating thems with a baseball bat to get back my money. oh and there's a multiyplayer mod for the computer which is prett ynice. YES Painkiller THIS game is just liek every other first perso shooter game everrrrrr made. fuck NO Unreal see: painkiller. NO Wing Commander This game is awesome because you blow up space furries with your space fighter. YES Big Red Racing i feel like drinking a gallon of turpentine and pissing on a brush fire. BUT I don't feel like playing this buggy ass game again! NO Cosmo’s Cosmic Adventure This was pretty cool. you were a little alien dude with suction cups on yore feet and you could wander all around some alien planets and stuff. YES Interstate ’76 70s muscle cars with guns all over them? poetry reading niggers with afros? badass funk soundtrack? possibly the best game ever of all time!!!! YES Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis All the Operation Flashpoint games were buggy pieces of crap. NO X-COM: UFO Defense I remember this game! It's the one where the aliens are invading and you have to shoot them down with your little dude right? I played this one and the one where you blowed up the missiles a LOT YES Day of the Tentacle How do you not have this game on the list? YES DEFINITEY gameboy advance games: if i had a gameboy advance i tells you i wouldn't be playing any of these shitty gaems so NO to all of them. except for Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past which gets a giant flaming YES IN THE FACE
  12. When is this going to be released? It looks a thousand times better than these other projects. Mainly because these other games suck. And Kirby rules.