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  1. Are people aware that this just came out? http://vgmdb.net/album/22515 They're planning a PSP and PS3 release of Xenogears, so this release probably has something to do with it. Unfortunately, I found most of the arrangements pretty uninspired and the orchestra itself seems rather lifeless. Its definitely no Cried. Search around on Youtube to hear some tracks.
  2. I'd like to echo this request. This is easily the game of the year, complete with some terrific music, totally worthy of being remixed and re-arranged. I found a few arrangements of "Life Is Beautiful" online though: Rock Arrangement: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7lCt0lYvEA Piano Arrangement: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKGY95HEN7U Vocal + Sample Mix: http://www.musicfortheblind.co.uk/music/archive/0041_premonition.mp3
  3. But tis the truth... You know it to be true...
  4. I am really surprised that I have never seen any mention of this song on OCR. Perhaps its not a remix in the OCR sense of the word, and is more a case of amazing sampling, but AskAsk's FUNKY HEROES which combines three themes from Chrono Trigger and the hip-hop of Afrika Bambaataa is, bar none, the finest reinterpretation of Chrono music I have ever had the pleasure to enjoy. And I've got a library of 80+ Chrono mixes. AND I'm not even a hip-hop fan! It is so celebratory, so invigorating and I can't help but sing these lyrics when I hear the actual Chrono theme on its own now! So yeah, high, hyperbolic praise, but anyway, since i haven't seen nary a mention on these board of it and believe it ought to get more play then it does on the interwebs, here it is: The full song originated from YTMND. Here's the page with the full remix: http://funkyheroes.ytmnd.com/ The original YTMND page that had a rough version of the mix is here and animated sprite Chrono Trigger dance party: http://chrono.ytmnd.com/ I'm not sure where to get a full download, but one can probably rip the a .wav file of the site.
  5. I never got through this game, but constantly revisit the first level for its score. I would love to see a remixer play around with it. I even think the song would lend itself quite well to lyrics. Its got a really fun 80s rock vibe to it.
  6. Wha??? Apparently there was a CD that came with the second game too... http://vgmdb.net/album/2291 Must have... Also this BadDeDum song rocks even more:
  7. I was just revisiting the game and its sequel, both of which received immense and deserved critical acclaim during their initial release, and was blown away by how fantastic and memorable the score is to these games. There was even a soundtrack CD that came with the first game. While definitely taking a cue from Soul Bossa Nova (aka Austin Powers theme song) and James Bond films, the games featured music with delirious and wonderful 60s soundscape, while also crafting some pretty fun and bombastic orchestral numbers. The music is so damn good, there should really be a OCR album project for this game. The games are pretty fantastic as well, with a sense of humor of LucasArts quality and rarely seen in first person shooters.
  8. This is making me think of the opening shots of Blade Runner. Very Vangelis at the start.
  9. I remember a version of this with news broadcasts of the war in Iraq and helicopters flying over head. I really liked that version.
  10. I know I have heard this song in an Asian film. Probably a Hong Kong one. The melody is something that would play during the credits or something. I've heard this theme in another medium then games.
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