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  1. Same exact situation here. Here's a link to some controllers on zzounds.com http://www.zzounds.com/cat--Keyboard-Controllers--2684 Would this one be any good, anyone think? I've been eyeballing it for a few days now.. Worth the purchase? http://www.zzounds.com/item--EDIPCRM50 I'd love to get one of those Novation Remote keyboard controllers but they're freakin' expensive compared to the rest!
  2. Sup OCR, long time lurker, etc. Anyway, the way I make my songs is when I have a small idea about a neat sound and subsequently expand upon it. Never do I have a idea of a full song before I start working on one. And this is a WIP of the result. http://www.b33j.com/files/Something_Dark3.mp3 This song is supposed to sound like it's from a movie, during a post-apoclyptic future where the sky is constantly overcast and brown with dirt, a barren wasteland of a previous human civilization, where a colossal sized black floating obelisk of alien origin floats thru the sky parting the dusty clouds, like a mounting parting a sea. I want this particular song to be an intro to an album, kind of like how the intro to Shine On You Crazy Diamond is so long. I want it to lead into a dark ominous drum-n-bass kind of sound, but I have no idea how to make songs like that. I would like it to start blending in with this song at about 1:35, cause at 1:45 begins just a temporary outtro I just threw together for closure. The 'bell' sound is just a grand piano with two notes with some neat rolling EQ effects with a slowly approaching delay-line. I probably need to tone down the bass and up the volume on everything else, eh?
  3. Do we have any ETA on the next bit torrent? I've resisted the urge to download each song individually, that way I can make sure to get them all via bit torrent. Seems like the next section should be coming up kinda soon, no?
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